Co-curricular activities that IUP has to offer

Co-curricular activities that IUP has to offer
Co-curricular activities that IUP has to offer

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or Jane a dull girl! With all the coursework, projects, assignments, and tests that must be completed by the student, graduate school life can be rather demanding. However, at a university like Indiana University of Pennsylvania, graduate students’ lives don’t have to be monotonous. This is due to the school’s significant investment in students’ well-being through sports, which is typical in most US institutions.

This university is situated in a strategically beneficial area, adjacent to important cities and magnificent tourist destinations like Niagara Falls. The students can travel to major cities including New York, Washington, DC, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, among others. You won’t have to worry about being the only African student in a class because this school is quite diversified, with 11.5% of students being Black or African Americans and 76.2% being white.

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Co-curricular activities that IUP has to offer

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