Raila Finally Reveals Fear Of ICC Made Him Accept Ruto’s Win

Raila Finally Reveals Fear Of ICC Made Him Accept Ruto's Win
Raila Finally Reveals Fear Of ICC Made Him Accept Ruto’s Win

Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga has for the first time revealed why he allowed President William Ruto to walk away unchallenged. Speaking for the first time after being defeated by the Kenya Kwanza leader, Raila said he had let go off the presidency after the ICC approached him. Raila said that the ICC told him to accept the ruling of the Supreme Court to avoid driving the country into chaos.

Since the ICC still has a pending case of post election violence in the country, they did not want to see the same scenario repeat itself. They therefore approached the former prime minister and advocated for peace.

This is the first time that Raila has opened up about being influenced by the ICC to concede defeat. He had initially filed a lawsuit to challenge Ruto’s victory but the Supreme Court dismissed the case after they said there was not enough evidence to support it. Raila has however moved on and agreed to lead the opposition. Follow the page for more news updates daily.

Some few weeks ago, the IEBC and the supreme court of Kenya announced that the UDA party leader, Dr William Ruto was the dully elected president of the republic of Kenya. Ruto won the presidential seat by beating Raila Odinga of ODM party by less than one percent and for the first time in history, Raila Odinga accepted the results without any fight.

According to this Daily Nation, Raila Odinga feared that the ICC might hunt him if he will cause any disturbance over election results. This made Mr Odinga and his team to accept the defeat. It is still not yet clear whether Raila Odinga will still be active in politics or he will hand over the mantle to Kalonzo Musyoka.



Raila Finally Reveals Fear Of ICC Made Him Accept Ruto’s Win


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