Green Card Lottery: How to Get a Host in US After Winning

Green Card Lottery: How to Get a Host in US After Winning
Green Card Lottery: How to Get a Host in US After Winning

The US State Department administers the green card lottery program, also known as the Diversity Visa program, which awards up to 55,000 green cards to individuals who are citizens of nations with historically low rates of immigration.

The registration period for the fiscal year 2024 (DV-2024) started on October 5 and ended on Tuesday, November 8.

One of the biggest obstacles for those who are fortunate enough to win the Diversity Visa has always been finding a new home in the US.

Write a message or post stating that you have been chosen as a DV winner but you are struggling to find a host. Many Kenyans are always supportive, they will side-chat you and offer to host you.

Facebook has a lot of groups and pages of Kenyans in Diaspora, such as Kenyans in the USA, Kenyans in the UK, and others.


Staying with relatives has always been presumed to be the simplest option, but it can be the trickiest as kins tend to take advantage of naive immigrants.

For this reason, many people start by turning to friends before tracking their family members.

Friends and Friends of Friends

The best alternative is to ask your friends to introduce you to their acquaintances in the US.


To physically network and find a host, connect with foreigners you encounter at conferences and other areas. Find out more about their country of origin and be outgoing.

Before you can be granted permanent residence in the US, you must satisfy several regulations stipulated by the U.S. federal immigration law. These are;

-A petition from an employer

-The employment-based green card application system allows for five preference categories. Each preference category may have several sub-categories.

-Marriage to a U.S. citizen
-Sponsorship by a close relative who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
-The U.S Department of State diversity lottery program.






Green Card Lottery: How to Get a Host in US After Winning

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