Kenya Gov’t to Open Diaspora Departments In All missions abroad

Kenya Govt to Open Diaspora Departments In All missions abroad
Kenya Gov’t to Open Diaspora Departments In All missions abroad

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Alfred Mutua has announced plans by the government to open a diaspora department in all Kenyan missions broad.

Speaking at The annual Kenya Diaspora Alliance Homecoming Convention held on December 8, 2022, Dr. Mutua revealed that his office wants to ensure that any information regarding investments is available to foreigners and Kenyans living abroad.

We want to ensure that Kenyans and foreigners seeking information on investment in Kenya can easily get it from all our missions abroad,” he said.

Principal Secretary for State Department for Diaspora Affairs Roselyne Njogu added that the Kenya Kwanza government would develop policies that will help the ministry in engaging with the diaspora community.

“We are going to encourage dialogue with all diaspora associations to enable us to formulate policies that will improve the welfare of those abroad and in the country,” said Njogu.

The CS also declared that the Kenya Kwanza administration is putting up structures for dialogue with Kenyans in the diaspora, to help formulate policies that will enhance increased remittances and creation of investment opportunities.

We assure you there is a structured engagement with the new administration, you are in good hands with the Kenya Kwanza government.

“President William Ruto is fully committed to tap into the potentiality of the Kenyan diaspora because this was one of his pledges,” added Dr. Mutua.

He also said that the new administration is keen on doubling the remittances from abroad to steer the economy.

Diaspora remittances rose to Sh283.6 billion from Sh250.4 billion over the period between January and July 2022.

The US is the biggest source of remittances to Kenya, accounting for 59 percent of the total sum of funds sent into the country this year.




Kenya Gov’t to Open Diaspora Departments In All missions abroad

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