Business Owners condemn Raila Odinga Over Boycott Remarks

Business Owners condemn Raila Odinga Over Boycott Remarks
Business Owners condemn Raila Odinga Over Boycott Remarks

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) on Thursday, March 23, condemned Azimio leader Raila Odinga for calling on Kenyans to boycott certain business brands.

In a seven-page press release, KEPSA termed the directive as an unjustified attack on the business which the association held were economic drivers.

“These organisations are by a considerable measure a barometer of our economic stability and an attack on them is an affront to our national economic aspirations,” the statement read in part.

KEPSA argued that the firms, directly and indirectly, created employment opportunities for thousands of Kenyans regardless of their political affiliations and needed protection from such proclamations.

In addition, the entrepreneurs called for justification from Raila on the boycott calls, maintaining that all businesses are regulated to ensure fair practices within the law.

“KEPSA wishes to politely implore the political leaders to not include businesses in any disputes. The business community remains committed to partnering with all sectors to increase jobs and revenue for the country,” the press release noted.

The lobby group asked the former Prime Minister to reconsider the mass action protests or ensure that businesses are unaffected.

It pointed out that the destruction of property and invasion of people’s businesses caused apprehension and fear to engage in business, thus undermining economic growth.

“Demonstrations, where property and lives are lost, do not have any winner and we all stand to lose. Threats and interruption of law and order are a risk to sustained economic development,” the document read.

Raila made the declaration on March 21. Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka explained that the call to boycott the Star was due to biased reporting.

On March 21, an editorial piece in The Star newspaper accused the Azimio leadership of organising protests based on the coalition’s quest for electoral justice and poked holes into the evidence it presented during the election petition.

Members of the fourth estate condemned the attack, claiming it was an attempt to gag the media and undermine media freedoms.

However, on Thursday, March, 21, Odinga called off the boycott saying, the decision was after talks with relevant bodies.

The former Prime Minister explained that the coalition had filed a complaint with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK).




Business Owners condemn Raila Odinga Over Boycott Remarks

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