Diaspora Man who returned to Kenya broke Blames American Wife

Isaac Gichiengo returned to Kenya from US broke

Diaspora Man who returned to Kenya broke Blames American Wife
Diaspora Man who returned to Kenya broke Blames American Wife

When he travelled to the US in 1987, Isaac Gichiengo would have never imagined himself returning with nothing.

Gichiengo claimed that his wife squandered his savings and retirement fund, in an interview where he narrated his journey from poverty to wealth and back to his original.

When he arrived in Pennsylvania in the US, Gichengo took up odd jobs before he landed a job opportunity at a bank and moved up the ranks.

He ended up getting married to an American citizen and the couple was blessed with two children who lived lavishly, accessing everything Gichengo lacked as a child.

“I was going through a lot of emotional abuse and to all the men out there going through the same, decide to leave and never look back,” he stated, during an interview with KDTV on Monday.

According to the former banker, he paid for his wife’s tuition fee at an accounting school raising the money by working two jobs.

However, all was not well in the Gichengo’s home as his wife was reportedly living beyond their means, buying expensive items for the children.

The Kenyans, who pointed fingers at his wife and her family for misusing his money before their divorce, claimed that his opposition to the wife’s lavish lifestyle was futile.

Gichiengo claimed that his wife together with her grandparents, had successfully conspired to turn the children against him, allegations which cannot be proven independently.


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In court, the man was ordered to pay spousal support of about USD 1,000 every month, leaving him with little for his personal use.

“We had a hearing in less than a month, and the judge ruled that I have to pay alimony and child support. They took my paycheck and I was left with nothing, I had to move,’ he stated.

His wife had also transferred funds from their joint account to her personal one, compounding the man’s financial burden.

During the divorce hearing, his assets were allegedly frozen and he almost lost his passport. Gichengo was forced to return home due to financial constraints.

Luckily in late 2023, the court struck out the directive ordering him to pay alimony to his wife.

“When I came here, I dug a borehole in a piece of land I own in Kijabe. The contractor, however, misused Ksh2 million without completing the project,” he stated.

The Kenyan is currently living with a friend as he rebuilds his life. His family has also been supportive and offered him financial aid to meet his daily needs.

Gichengo remains hopeful of returning to the US for work, with six interviews for international jobs lined up.




Diaspora Man who returned to Kenya broke Blames American Wife

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