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Kenyan Parents: Flexing with Money Gone Wrong-VIDEO

Kenyan Parents: Flexing with Money Gone Wrong By CHEKA TV


If you get money for your birthday gift,don't give it to your parents. But wait,who said that money belongs to you? By Cheka TV.  

Kenyan Parents: Njoro is Discharged Na Mambo Si Mazuri-VIDEO

After heavy beating by his mother, Njoro ended up in ICU but now he is discharged. Upon arriving home he thought he will have...

VIDEO: When a Kenyan parent catches the daughter with a boy

Dads against daughters dating: Lina Caught with Kingston and Lina's mom goes wild. Urafiki wa akina mama umevunjika. By Cheka TV


The father has a special seat in the house and no one seats on it. In a Kenyan house,no tattoos and boys don't pierce...

Video: Annoying Things Kenyan Girlfriends Do

Living in two different worlds: Cheka TV reveals how how many Kenyan girls behave in a relationship and how they are so lost in...

WOW VIDEO: Kenyan Parents-Report Card Season

Kunyua supu ya vitabu hakili ichamuke: That period that all students dread,bringing the report card home. Yes,the parents are right,how can you fail simple...

VIDEO: Kenyan Parents-Mama Njoro Gets A Househelp and her dressing!!

Ukiona dhambi ufunge macho: Drama as Mama Njoro's new house help dresses in skimpy outfits and uses toilet water for !!!!!!!!!!.Enjoy!

VIDEO: Kenyan Parents-Umetoka Wapi This Late? The surprise!!

She comes back home past midnight and thinking that it is like any other night of late coming home,she gets the biggest surprise.The parents...

Video:Kenyan Parent Says Church Ni Lazima

Sunday nightmare:What Kenyan parents go through every Sunday to drag teenage children to Church . By CHEKA TV Makarao: Nataka Watoto Kumi na Mbili