Accountability in orphanages and childrens’ homes


Accountability in orphanages and childrens’ homes

While it is good charity that we have people willing to take care of orphans and destitute children, isn’t it, in view of the recent accusations flying against a father involved in taking care of such youngsters, that the government start monitoring closely the activities of such institutions and also have an oversight body that oversees their activities?
I am not aware if there is such a body, I do not know if the children’s department does this, but I have a nagging feeling that a lot could be going on in such homes where the “destitute” have no say and are at the mercy of the “benefactors” and must do their bidding or be thrown out in the cold cruel world.
I contend that with sodomy, peadophilia, child prostitution especially at the coast and even child trafficking, we may be dealing with a wide field in the trade of our children either for sexual exploits or for forced labour.Every comouflage must be opened up for scrutiny and those doing a decent job be allowed to carry on their charity while the crimes against children are smoked out.
Where does the money come from? These sources should be declared and subject to scrutiny. Does the government know the sources? Can it verify such?
Drug money, laundering or proceeds from human trade must not be allowed into the country to “offer charity”.
We must not turn a blind eye to this matter even in the face of vicious defense by people who do not want to question and dig deep just for the sake of our children. There is no harm in doing so, just like we subject our incomes to probity by the Tax man, it does not follow that we are criminals or suspected of dubious activities but simply declaring our legitimate sources of the same.
The attitude of, “he/they are doing so much for our children” does not give anyone license to ravage their innocent bottoms.
Where children are concerned, I will raise a very loud voice for they do not have anyone to do so for them. So be it Father Kizito or the rich Italians at the coast, I am asking likeminded people to join me in lobbying/petitioning our government to safe guard our children from rogues and the twisted of society.
Otieno Sungu.
Juba-Southern Sudan. (I have appointed myself the spokesman for children henceforth!)




Kenyan Baby survives a 3-Story fall in Georgia

By Diasporamessenger



A 3 year old Kenyan baby who arrived in the United Stated only 10 days ago survived a 3 story fall from an apartment window in Delkalb county Georgia.
The apartment where the baby was had a bed next to the living room window which it was suspected that the baby leaned on the net to get a view outside but the screen popped out .The boy who was identified as Ahmed Faizal rode the screen down and landed on a bush which must have saved his life.
The condition of the baby is not known for now .More details will follow soon. Keep watching this page.
Source- wsbtv

Kenyan girl struck by truck


Family request prayers for her recovery


The family of a 9-year-old girl hit by an alleged drunken driver in Dauphin County is praying for her recovery.
Mercy Wanjiku was riding her bike Saturday evening in the Pennswood apartment complex in Lower Paxton Township when police said 49-year-old Brian Kiefer hit her with his pickup truck.
Kiefer’s blood alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit, police said.
Wanjiku’s family has strong words for him.
“If he was not drunk he would have read the sign that said slow down kids at play, you know. It was a poor judgment,” said Sammy Gichuhi, Wanjiku’s uncle. “Whatever he did was not right and if he was not drunk he would have read that clearly.”
Wanjiku is being treated for 10 broken ribs, a fractured skull and a broken leg.
Kiefer’s blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit, police said.
Kiefer is charged with DUI and aggravated assault while driving under the influence.
He is in Dauphin County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bail.
SAMMY MWANGANGI-717 329 0684.

Healthy And Wealthy 2009

By Michael Karuu
Brothers and Sisters! I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful and a fantastic year 2009.
I hope and trust that this year will bring you peace and joy, that it will come with good health and wealth, that it will usher success and victory into your life, and also steer your spirit to draw closer to your God with true hearts fully trusting Him. May 2009 not only draw you closer to your goals, but also help you attain and accomplish your dreams.
My friends remember your thoughts design your future, while your words create that future, I therefore, want to encourage and inspire you that as from 12:00 midnight today change your thoughts and start having positive thoughts. Since as he (man) thinks in his heart, so is he. You ought to think positively in all areas of your life, spiritually, economically and socially.
Having thought positively, start speaking (vocalizing) those thoughts out, donʼt fear speaking them loud to yourself and even to your friends, it might sound crazy or feel as if youʼre bragging about yourself, but remember that God spoke everything into existence, so speak yourself into your destiny using the power of the spoken word for death and life are in the power of the tongue.
After speaking please write your goals down. Get a piece of paper and write your 2009 dreams down, put the written paper in your wallet or in your purse. It sounds simple but my friends just write your goals down including the date.
Yes, positive thoughts, speaking your goals, writing them down, you then have one more thing to do, get pictures of your dreams and goals. Whatever your dream are, get a photo of them or any kind of a visual image of your dreams, place them where you can see them frequently, in your bedroom, bathroom, or on your refrigerator.
Together with the above things remember the following words persistence, perseverance, determination, dedication, firmness, focus, purpose and commitment. My dear friend next year the same time, open your goals, trust me in one way or the other you will have all or some of your written goals fulfilled and accomplished. Friends let your faith run ahead of your mind, see further than you can go and go further than you can see.
Finally, remember to trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will lead and direct your path straight in the year 2009.
Michael Karuu
Certified Business Brokerage{CBB}
Certified Commercial Brokerage{CCB}
Metrobrokers/Gmac Real Estate
Woodstock,GA 30188.
Office:404 843 2500
Direct Line 770 698 1159



KJ the petitioner, not a comedian



By Standard Newspaper

Call me John Kiarie, not KJ.
For years, most people have known Mr John Kiarie Waweru by his alter ego, KJ. As part of the Reddykulas trio that captured the collective imagination of Kenyans by mimicking politicians and performing other funny stunts, KJ earned his stripes as a comedian extraordinaire, with the ability to leave audiences in stitches.
But in a case he has filed in court challenging the election of Mrs Beth Mugo as Dagoretti MP, any reference to him as a comedian could land you in trouble, with Kiarie and his lawyer.
Get this right: He is Kiarie the petitioner, not a comedian. Indeed, one of the grounds for the petition is that Mugo referred to him as a joker, who should be cracking jokes in the streets.
Mugo allegedly uttered the words, “Hiyo ni Reddykulus tupu,” during a campaign rally at Waithaka Shopping Centre. This took her lawyer, Prof Githu Muigai, close to one hour trying to establish from Kiarie, who he really is if he is not a comedian. “Was my client really out of focus when she referred to you as a joker?” asked Muigai.
Kiarie, who was being cross-examined by Muigai on the title he prefers, smiled before answering the question.
“In my view she was very wrong. I know she was referring to me as an artiste because of the Reddykulus show on TV, which I participated in,” Kiarie said.
He maintained he was a performing artiste and did not subscribe to comedy. Kiarie added when Mugo called him a joker at a campaign rally, there was no room for such a comment unless it was intended to malign him.
Kiarie said he was on a serious mission of asking for votes in Dagoretti. Any comment referring to him as a comedian, he said, was in bad faith. To set the record straight, Mugo’s lawyer requested the court to play a video footage depicting Kiarie playing the role of the First Lady in the Reddykulus TV show. But to the petitioner, he was a performing artiste and not a comedian. The footage is in court as exhibit.
So, whatever you do while in the courtroom, always remember Kiarie is a petitioner, not a comedian.
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