Q.Who was the greatest financier in the bible ?
A-Noah was floating his STOCK while everyone else was in LIQUADATION
Q.Who was the the greatest FEMALE financier in the bible?
A-Pharoahs daughter went down to the BANK of the nile withdrew a little PROPHET
Q.What kind of man was BOAZ before he got married?
Q.Who was the geatest COMEDIAN in the bible?
A-Samson brought the house down
Q.Which servant of Johovah was the most proficient LAWBREAKER in the bible ?
A-Moses BROKE all the TEN Commandments at ONCE
Q. Where is the first tennis martch in the bible?
A-Joseph served in Pharaohs COURT.
Q.Which Bible character had no parents?
A-Joshua was the son of NUN.
Q.Why didnt Noah go fishing?
A-Because he had only TWO worms.
Q.Who in the bible has ever been known to have kiled a quarter population of the world ?
A-Cain killed Abel out of{Adam,Eve,Cain and Abel)



A Life Without Complaints

An email forward worth reading






Sometimes, we take our trials, our sufferings, our ordeals too seriously.

The message below will make you think twice before complaining. Again,

let’s make the best out of what we have.

Be Deliberate, Be Positive and STAY Committed!

Heavenly day everyone.

If you think you are unhappy, look at them

If you think your salary is low, how about her?
If you think you don’t have many friends…
If you think study is a burden, how about her?
When you feel like giving up, think of this man
If you think you suffer in life, do you suffer as much as he does?
If you complain about your transport system, how about them?
If your society is unfair to you, how about her?

Enjoy life how it is and as it comes
Things are worse for others and is a lot better for us J

There are many things in your life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart….pursue those…
This message needs to circulate forever…:



Rick Warren to interview McCain and Obama
Rick Warren <[email protected]>
Monday, August 11, 2008 02:13 pm
I Need Your Input & Prayers
Dear fellow pastor and church leader,
This next Saturday, August 16, 2008, I will interview Senators John McCain and Barack Obama for an hour each at our nationally televised Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency. The following morning I will be preaching a message entitled “The Kind of Leadership America Needs.”
I’d value your opinion and feedback. What question would you ask BOTH candidates if you had the chance? Please frame your question in a way that it could be asked of both candidates (to be fair) and email it to me at [email protected]. This would be a great help to me.
We’re in this together. I also ask you to pray I’ll have the necessary wisdom. This will be an historic event. Never have the two candidates been interviewed by a pastor in a church. It will be a great day for all churches, showing the importance of the local church being at the civil table.
I thank God he has called you to serve Him. For the global glory of God.

Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
Purpose Driven Network
The Global PEACE Coalition
Visits by McCain, Obama to Orange County church underscore Pastor Rick Warren’s prominence
Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), left, and Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), right, join Pastor Rick Warren at the 2006 Global Summit on AIDS and the Church at Saddleback Church.


Backers say the Saddleback Church leader and ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ author puts social justice ahead of partisanship. Others say he’s strayed from the core Gospel or is a spiritual entrepreneur.
By Duke Helfand, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 13, 2008

When John McCain and Barack Obama appear on the same stage Saturday at the sprawling religious campus of Orange County’s Saddleback Church, their presence will vividly underline the reach that has made Pastor Rick Warren among the most significant evangelists of his generation.

But the joint appearance — one of Warren’s highest-profile endeavors — will also underscore a tension that is central to his role.


Pastor Rick Warren

Warren has been called perhaps “America’s most influential pastor,” an evangelical megastar who leads the nation’s fourth-largest church, reaches thousands of ministers through the Internet and crusades against poverty and AIDS.

That globe-trotting work — and his phenomenally successful book, “The Purpose Driven Life” — have propelled him into the vanguard of a movement that inspires young and socially conscious Christians.

But Warren’s willingness to soft-pedal political issues once central to U.S. evangelicals, such as opposition to abortion, has opened him to criticism that he has strayed from his calling to spread the Gospel.

It’s likely that both fans and critics will be watching closely when Warren plays host to the two presidential contenders at his church complex in Lake Forest, home to 22,000 weekend worshipers.

The presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees won’t debate during the Civil Forum on the Presidency. But they will make a brief joint appearance, their first of the campaign, and Warren will interview each separately about the Constitution, poverty, AIDS, human rights and other subjects.

“America has a choice. It’s not between a stud and a dud this year,” Warren said. “Both of these men care about America. My job is to let them share their views.”

Many evangelicals believe that Warren’s growing profile, and his willingness to welcome Obama to his pulpit, are evidence that he has emerged as the most pivotal figure in U.S. evangelicalism.

The 54-year-old pastor, they say, is emblematic of a new breed of evangelicals who put social justice ahead of partisan politics. Some go so far as to call the plain-talking Warren, a bear of a man who prefers bluejeans to business suits, the Billy Graham of his era.

“He’s a guy whose message has met the right moment,” said Richard Land, a leading authority with the Southern Baptist Convention, the denomination to which Warren’s church belongs.

An excerpt from a letter Warren sent to his congregants suggests his reach. He noted that three Republican and three Democratic presidential candidates contacted the church during the primaries:

“You know that I never endorse, nor campaign for, political candidates. Neither is it my role to give political advice. But I am a cultural observer and I do understand the unique stresses and responsibilities of public leadership, so I try to help leaders when asked.”

But detractors see Warren as a spiritual entrepreneur who has built his religious empire on what they call generic self-help ideas found in “The Purpose Driven Life.”

“For many evangelical leaders, Rick Warren is either a little too naive or a little too shrewd,” said the Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council, a Washington group that works to meld Christian teachings into the debate over public policies.

“He is threatening to water down the essential message of evangelical Christianity,” Schenck said. “And that is what causes people to grow a little insecure and concerned, and maybe even disconcerted.”

Warren insists that he remains firmly tied to his Southern Baptist roots.

He opposes abortion and defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. He has hosted politically conservative figures, such as Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.).

But Warren says he is also inspired by the broader message of faith and compassion in the Bible.

The forum with McCain and Obama, he said, is his latest attempt to introduce civility into public discourse, even if it irks some of his fellow evangelicals. Warren faced biting criticism in 2006 when Obama spoke at his church for a global AIDS summit. Last year Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) appeared at another AIDS conference at the church.

Endless debate on sexuality ‘is exposing Anglicans to ridicule as the Gay Church’
Ruth Gledhill, Religion Correspondent
The Anglican Communion is ridiculed as “the Gay Church” and is losing members over homosexuality, say bishops meeting in Canterbury.
Mission is being damaged and confidence in the validity of the Anglican Communion is being hurt, they say.
The bishops’ comments appear in a draft of the final Reflections document of the Lambeth Conference.
About 670 bishops from 38 provinces worldwide have contributed to the document after meeting in African-style indaba, or discussion, groups during the 2½ week conference at Kent University.
The final document will be published tomorrow. It is the main report to emerge from the conference, which has been designed to enable debate without votes or resolutions that might widen divisions.
The document lists unexpectedly strong concerns about the liberal direction that the Anglican Church in the West is taking over homosexuality. The report says: “We wish this wasn’t the big issue because there are bigger ones. But we can’t now avoid it.” It says that some provinces feel the teaching of the missionaries who brought the faith from the West has been betrayed. “It is experienced as a new form of colonisation.”
The report cautions that the liberalisation of the Western Church is seen as leading to sexual licence: “Confidence in the validity of [the] Anglican Communion is severely damaged.” It continues: “Bishops cannot be a symbol of unity when their consecration itself divided the Church.”
Options range from doing nothing because if it is God’s will it will last, to taking punitive action. The report cites the Bible verse: “If your eye cause offence, pluck it out.”
Yesterday bishops debated the new Anglican Covenant, which is intended to bind provinces together in an agreed statement of doctrine.
The effect of the covenant will be to create a “two-tier communion”, divided between those who will and will not sign up. According to the latest draft, provinces that violate the covenant by actions such as consecrating a gay bishop would be issued with a “declaration of relinquishment”.
But this would not mean they were irrevocably expelled from the Church. A “process of restoration” would be started immediately to restore them to full communion.
Liberal bishops in the US Episcopal Church are understood to oppose the covenant. They want a more gentle Anglican “rule of life” that would respect provincial autonomy but still hold fast to fundamental Christian principles.
All the indications are that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s plan to avoid schism by creating a conference without conflict has worked.
But Dr Mouneer Anis, Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East, said that his experience of Bible studies and indaba groups at the conference had confirmed his worst fears. “I see a great wall being put up by revisionists against those orthodox who believe in the authority of Scripture . . . I am shocked to say that we are finding it very hard to come together on even the essentials of the faith we once received from the Apostles.
“Everywhere we go we meet gay and lesbian activists, receive their newsletters or read about their many events.”
He said they were intent on pushing their agenda on delegates. “They push all these sexuality issues so intensively into the conference and then blame us for talking about them too much.
“In the attitude of some North American Churches I am reminded of the arrogance of the American Administration that made a mess in Iraq because it refused to listen to the millions of voices from the wider world.”
A leading liberal also criticised the proposed covenant. Bishop Michael Ingham, of New Westminster Diocese in Canada, where the first same-sex blessing liturgy was authorised, said: “We think that any centralisation of power will take us away from historic Anglicanism.
“The covenant is essentially punitive. Instead of an invitation into mission, it seems more concerned with doctrinal conformity. That is a move towards confessionalism, which is not the spirit of Anglicanism.”


Source-Times on line


Wow, the Anglican church may be starting to wake up. Very hopeful. I’m looking forward to the day when normal people are no longer laughed at and every perverted act or destructive way of life is extolled by the media and academia as superior “authentic” living. Bring back societal standards! :)
Jason, Austin, Republic of Texas
Comments below and other TIMES articles – encourages me much. There are real God fearing, Bible believing Christians out there. As for the liberals – yes go have your own church and please do not refer to yourselves as being Anglicans in any way. I am sure many more agree with Bishop Mouneer Anis.
Clem, Perth, Australia
Homosexuals always feel inadequate and try to get others to accept their way of life that has been unacceptable by normal people for millenniums. I feel sorry for them but the Bible to Christians is the word of God to be obeyed for a good reason. The UK is fast failing morally for good reasons.

Rick Warren <[email protected]>
Monday, August 11, 2008 02:13 pm
I Need Your Input & Prayers
Dear fellow pastor and church leader,
This next Saturday, August 16, 2008, I will interview Senators John McCain and Barack Obama for an hour each at our nationally televised Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency. The following morning I will be preaching a message entitled “The Kind of Leadership America Needs.”
I’d value your opinion and feedback. What question would you ask BOTH candidates if you had the chance? Please frame your question in a way that it could be asked of both candidates (to be fair) and email it to me at [email protected]. This would be a great help to me.
We’re in this together. I also ask you to pray I’ll have the necessary wisdom. This will be an historic event. Never have the two candidates been interviewed by a pastor in a church. It will be a great day for all churches, showing the importance of the local church being at the civil table.
I thank God he has called you to serve Him. For the global glory of God.

Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
Purpose Driven Network
The Global PEACE Coalition

Gay bishop ‘must be sacked’ to save church
The first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion must be sacked to save the worldwide church from schism, The Most Rev Daniel Deng Bul head of the church in Sudan demanded.

By Martin Beckford, Religious Affairs Correspondent
23 Jul 2008

Rt Rev Gene Robinson’s election by liberal Americans has caused deep divisions and exposed the 80 million-strong Communion to “ridicule”, according to the head of the church in Sudan.
The Most Rev Daniel Deng Bul claimed his statement was backed by 200 other bishops from 17 other “Global South” provinces in Africa, Asia and South America.
Coming on the second day of the once-a-decade gathering of Anglican clergy in Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference, the ultimatum undermines efforts by the Archbishop of Canterbury to keep the church united through discussion and development of a new set of rules.
It came as a group commissioned by Dr Rowan Williams admitted the Communion is in “turmoil” over sexuality, with “positions becoming more extreme” among liberals and conservatives.
One in four bishops is staying away from Lambeth in protest at the Episcopal Church of the USA’s decision to elect Bishop Robinson in 2003, although conference organisers have refused to issue a list of delegates in case it breaches “privacy law” and threatens the safety of African bishops who have defied a boycott by their hardline leaders.
But Archbishop Deng said he had been determined to attend the meeting to put forward his church’s statement that homosexuality is wrong and against scripture, and to condemn liberals in America and Canada who have departed from his view.
The statement read: “This has not only caused deep divisions within the Anglican Communion but it has seriously harmed the Church’s witness in Africa and elsewhere, opening the church to ridicule and damaging its credibility in a multi-religious environment.”
He later added: “If he [Bishop Robinson] is a Christian as he says, then he should resign for the sake of the church. We want Gene Robinson to resign to allow the whole communion to be united.”
Archbishop Deng also called on the 60 bishops who elected Bishop Robinson to lead the diocese of New Hampshire to “confess” their mistake.
The Archbishop said he had just come from a meeting of 200 bishops from 17 Global South provinces and claimed: “They support my statement and they are for it.”
He also claimed the presence of homosexuals in the church gave ammunition to Muslims in Sudan to condemn Christians as “infidels”.
The archbishop said: “It will give them the upper hand to kill our people.”
Archbishop Gregory Venables, the head of the Anglican church in South America, agreed it will now take a “miracle” to stop the Communion breaking apart.
Meanwhile Clive Handford, the chairman of the Windsor Continuation Group set up to work out how the church can resolve the crisis over sexuality, warned: “We appear to remain at an impasse.”
He accused the liberals of “inconsistency” in failing to abide by orders not to continue with their reforms, and of becoming embroiled in a “vicious” cycle of litigation with breakaway parishes over the ownership of church property.
And he said although “all are welcome” in the church, “That is not the same as anything goes.”
He also said “suspicions have been raised” about the timing and purpose of the Gafcon conference in Jerusalem last month, at which orthodox Anglicans announced a new movement for those who want to keep traditional Bible teaching.
In addition, the conference faces a financial crisis, with organisers still trying to raise at least pnds1 million.
Uncertainty also remains over attendees at Lambeth. One Nigerian bishop had sent a fax saying he would come but has not arrived, leading to fears his wife had been threatened, while five Kenyans and one Rwandan are believed to be present in defiance of their Primates’ boycott.
Defending the decision not to publish a list of those present, the Most Rev Phillip Aspinall, Primate of Australia, said: “There is uncertainty about privacy requirements and privacy law.”
An American bishop – the Rt Rev Jack Iker, Bishop of Fort Worth in Texas – said those who back Bishop Robinson should leave Lambeth.
By- telegraph.co.uk



US bishop hits out at African church leaders
Story by Riazat Butt-Guardian.co.uk
July 17, 2008
An influential US bishop has attacked African leaders for treating him and his church as a “punchbag”.
The Right Rev John Chane, the Bishop of Washington, said neither he nor the Episcopal church deserved the treatment, accusing the leaders of “demonic and dangerous” behaviour.
Christian clerics from Africa have criticised US liberals for encouraging progressive practices including the ordination of gay priests and the blessings of same-sex unions, calling them apostates and blaming them for causing a schism in the Anglican Communion.
The schism has led to many African clergy snubbing Lambeth, the once a decade gathering of Anglican’s bishops.
It began in Canterbury with the arrival of 650 bishops and their spouses yesterday.
In Jerusalem last month, conservatives launched the Global Anglican Future Conference, a splinter movement for traditionalists.
Angered by their criticism, Chane denied that the Episcopal church was guilty of leading the Anglican communion into error.
“I think it’s really very dangerous when someone stands up and says: ‘I have the way and I have the truth and I know how to interpret holy scripture and you are following what is the right way,'” he said “It’s really very, very dangerous and I think it’s demonic.
“The Episcopal church has been demonised. It has been a punching bag, and I’m sick of being a punching bag as a bishop and I’m sick of my church, my province being a punching bag.”
He made the remarks in Battle of the Bishops, a BBC2 documentary to be aired on Monday evening, which follows key churchmen from the US and Africa as they prepare for Gafcon.
In the programme the archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, known in his home country as the Hammer of God, is seen hitting out at figures such as Chane.
“Gafcon is a rescue mission – it is our duty to rescue whatever is left of the church from error,” Akinola said.
“From all those, whoever they are, who have chosen to mutilate, to distort and to even deny the gospel and to preach something different from what we know.”
Another Nigerian, Benjamin Kwashe, the archbishop of Jos who is tipped to take over from Akinola when he steps down in 2010, said:. “Respect is earned. When it is thrown away, gathering it can be difficult.
“From the mother Church of England, there is the assumption that therefore we can do anything and Africans will automatically come with us, or respect us.
“I think that is an insult. The wider Anglican world, if you ask my opinion, doesn’t want to listen to us.”
Despite African church leaders pledging to boycott Lambeth, figures released by organisers show that some are overruling their superiors by attending the summit.
More than 75% of Anglican bishops worldwide have registered for the conference, representing 36 of the 38 provinces of the communion.
One bishop from Kenya – whose primate, Benjamin Nzimbi, is a Gafcon leader – has been photographed enjoying the hospitality of the bishop of Manchester, the Right Rev Nigel McCulloch.
Alice Nzimbi, the archbishop’s wife, has been involved with planning the spouses’ conference, a parallel event for wives and husbands in Canterbury.
Only one Nigerian bishop, the Right Rev Cyril Okorocha, has so far flouted the boycott, although a Lambeth official said more may arrive under cover.
“Even though African archbishops have issued this blanket ban, there is nothing to stop individuals from coming here,” the official said.
“There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding this boycott and how effective it is.”



Gay bishop fights exclusion from conference


And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.Leviticus 20:13
Read Romans 1:21 – 29 at the end of this story



Rachel Zoll – Associated Press religion Writer – 7/13/2008 3:15:00 PM


The Rt Revd Gene Robinson


LONDON – The first openly homosexual U.S. Episcopal bishop was barred from a once-a-decade Anglican meeting so he wouldn’t become a focus of the global event.


Anglicans on all sides of the issue agree: The strategy has backfired.

New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson has been embraced by sympathetic Anglicans in England and Scotland who view his exclusion as an affront to their Christian beliefs.

Robinson plans several appearances on the outskirts of the Lambeth Conference to be what he called a “constant and friendly” reminder of homosexuals in the church.

“I’m just not willing to let the bishops meet and pretend that we don’t exist,” Robinson said in an interview Sunday with The Associated Press before preaching at St. Mary’s Church Putney. “They’ve taken vows to serve all the people in dioceses, not just certain ones.”

The Anglican spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, did not include Robinson and a few other bishops in the conference as he tried to prevent a split in the world Anglican Communion.

The 77 million-member fellowship – the third-largest in the world behind Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians – has been on the brink of schism since Robinson was consecrated in 2003. The Episcopal Church is the Anglican body in the U.S.

Bishop Martyn Minns, a former Episcopal priest who now leads a breakaway network of U.S. conservatives, said in a recent interview that although organizers of the Lambeth Conference intended to move the topic off Robinson, their plan was bound to fail.

“He will end up getting all the attention,” Minns said.

Minns was also barred from Lambeth. He was consecrated by the conservative Anglican Church of Nigeria, which created the U.S. parish network despite an Anglican tradition of respecting the boundaries of other provinces.

For many theological conservatives, Robinson’s consecration was the final straw in a long-running debate over how Anglicans should interpret Scripture. Last month in Jerusalem, traditionalists created a worldwide network of conservatives to separate from liberal Anglicans without fully breaking away from the communion. More than 200 conservative bishops are boycotting Lambeth because Episcopal leaders who consecrated Robinson will be there.

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Protest disrupts bishop’s sermon

Gay US bishop heckled in UKWATCH VIDEO

Robinson, Kunonga, and Minns left off Lambeth Conference invitation list


Romans 1:21 – 29
Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship him as God or even give him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. The result was that their minds became dark and confused.
Claiming to be wise, they became utter fools instead
And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshiped idols made to look like mere people, or birds and animals and snakes.
So God let them go ahead and do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies.
Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies. So they worshiped the things God made but not the Creator himself, who is to be praised forever. Amen.
That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other.
And the men, instead of having normal sexual relationships with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men and, as a result, suffered within themselves the penalty they so richly deserved.
When they refused to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their evil minds and let them do things that should never be done.










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