A community united (How beautiful it is!): Joint Service

A community united (How beautiful it is!): Joint Service

By Diasporamessenger.com
On December 31, 2008, Christians from various Kenyan-pastored churches in the Washington D.C metro area came together for an unprecedented and very successful joint service at the College Park Church of the Nazarene, pastored by Rev. DR. John Ndambuki. The purpose was to usher the New Year together as a community, looking back at the faithfulness of God in saving Kenya from the devastating political clashes and praying for the New Year and for President – elect Obama. Almost all the pastors and community leaders in the area attended and the few who didn’t send their apologies.
This event however did not just happen. A couple of months before the event, a few pastors started meeting together to pray and seek the face of God regarding the Kenyan community and out of it was born not only the Kenya Pastors Fellowship of America but also the need to hold joint new year’s eve service, together with KCFA DC area. The joint service was just the beginning of good things expected out of the fellowship and According to the pastors, many other joint events will follow this year as the Lord provides guidance.
The coming together of the pastors and the joint events does not mean that they are doing away with the individual local churches but rather they believe that this will strengthen the local churches as pastors work together in love and unity realizing that they not only serve one Master, The Lord Jesus Christ, but that they fight one common enemy, the devil. They have stressed and made it clear that they are not in competition with one another but rather complimenting each other. One scripture that was constantly quoted during the joint service was Psalms 133:1-2, which says “How pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity . . .” This is where God commands His blessings and life forevermore.
The pastor’s fellowship and the unity of the community will bring abundant blessings not only to the individual ministries but to the Kenyan community in Diaspora at large. This is the beginning of a revival in the DC Metro area because if church and ministry leaders come together and humble themselves before God and pray together regardless of their tribe and denominational affiliations, God will hear from heaven and heal the land as He has promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14. There is need now to Pray for the leaders for this noble purpose of healing of our community to be realized.


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