Dinner fundraising for Orphanage

Jesus Mission Ministry fundraising to reach out to orphans, street children, disabled,….. in Kenya

Jesus Mission Ministry Headquarter is in Frederick Maryland. Our calling from God is to defend, comfort, encourage, counsel, care for and pray for orphans and to care for the needy including senior citizens who are left with young children to care for. 

We are committed to rescuing millions of orphaned and abandoned children, senior citizens, street children and people with disability by strengthening thousands of churches, and impacting hundreds of communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

To those who are oppressed, JMM offers counseling, discipleship, education, employment, food, medical, shelter, and transportation which offer hope and practical assistance. 

We went to Kenya November of 2009, October 2010 and will be going back again August 2011 for a mission trip.  During these trips, God led us into opening an orphanage camp which consists of four groups:

  • Orphans (from 1 day old to 18 years);
  • Street Children (from 3 years old to  25 years);
  • Disabled (All ages) and;
  • Senior Citizen

Many senior citizens have been left to care for young children and poor as they are, most of the time they go without a meal.  Our mission towards these groups of people is to feed them, take the children to school, buy uniforms for them, shoes, socks and so on… and also shelter those who have been thrown out of their homes for not paying their rent.   Our purpose in helping the street children to become more independent and to have a positive attitude in life is by providing them with manual labor jobs.  These groups of people have gone through a lot in life and God has heard their cry for help.  It is up to me and you to answer them or to ignore them. 

When Moses was called to go and rescue the children of Israel, he started out with an excuse of not being able to speak but never the less, God used him.  This is the calling that only God has heard them crying for help and He has called this ministry to answer their cry.  Will you come with us or will you help this ministry to answer the calling of Jesus? I pray that your answer will be YES.

Let us work together…. This is not a one person job.  It takes a village to raise a child…. Let us be that village. 

We encourage churches to get involved through sponsorships which will provide life-saving help through food, shelter, clothing, education and healthcare to a child left behind by HIV/AIDS or abandoned. 

God Bless You all for coming, giving, and for becoming a monthly giver.

Please contact: Jesus Mission Ministry, (JMM); 2100 Rocky Gorge Ct; Frederick, MD  21702 or call 240 285 4932. Visit: www.jesusmissionministry.org


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