Father collapses after wife’s great news of pregnancy


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A man in Wote, Makueni County, caused a stir when he fainted after his wife announced she was pregnant. His wife let out a cry from their house in the early hours of the evening.

Residents of Ngula village who thought there was trouble ran to the family’s home where they found the man sprawled on the floor.

His wife claimed her husband had been in great shape during the day but when she broke the ‘good news’ that they were expecting a baby, he collapsed with a thud.


"I had gone to the shopping centre during the day to buy the self-testing kit because lately I had been feeling funny. When I told him of the development, he just dropped on the floor. I did not expect him to react that way," said the shocked wife.


When he regained consciousness after frantic first aid by neighbours, Josephat Muasya said he could not understand how his wife got herself pregnant with their fifth child while they were experiencing hard economic times, yet they had ‘talked’ about it.

The 37-year-old farm hand at a mango plantation explained that he had been struggling to raise his four children and the thought of a fifth mouth to feed was too much to bear.

"Look at me. I am struggling to stay alive. How can I bring up an extra mouth when I am already struggling to feed the others?" he asked the amused villagers.

He then told the wife to do something about the pregnancy or be ejected from the home blaming her for the ‘carelessness’.

"I am telling you in the presence of these people, I do not want to die struggling to feed these children.Please do something about that child or I will send you back to your parents," he told her.

He accused his wife of being inconsiderate during the tough economic times. The villagers had to cool him down because he was getting emotional about the news.

It was agreed that the issue be settled at the chief’s office. Muasya was informed that forcing his wife to procure an abortion was illegal.

The birth of the fourth baby had caused domestic problems and it took the intervention of relatives to reunite them.


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