Start valuing others-Real life experince in Kenya.


Here is a comment in one of our face book page-Real life experince in Kenya.


It is time we as a Nation start valuing others. I sat watching how bad we have become on an intersection where everyone wants to move and no one gives space for the other car to move. A tout jumped out of a Matatu and started directing the cars and immediately his Matatu was able to move he jumped back and the Matatu left. In another scenario in a bank a long queue and a lady walks in front with a lie to be able to see the cashier not minding about all the people on the queue. This behavior is so deeply rooted in our country and we need to do something about it because it is getting out of hand, I don’t know what to do but we need to do something. Our leaders are so much affected until they don’t care anymore. How can Millions go missing in ministry of Education? How do leaders ask for increment while Kenyans are dying of Hunger? They even don’t have the shame, How can our Ministers be among the highly paid in the world while Kenya is among the poorest countries in the world? This really beats me and it is so painful when I think of our motherland. Who has answers? What can we do?


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