Kenyan’s body found in freezer in Saudi Arabia


A family in Kilifi is in mourning after a relative was killed and her body hidden in a freezer for three months in Saudi Arabia.

Ms Mariam Abdalla said she learnt of the death of her daughter, Ms Mwanahamisi Mwitani, a few days ago after her body was found by co-workers in a locked freezer in the home where she worked.

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The workers said Ms Mwitani, who was preparing to travel back home, was clutching her travel documents, including her passport.

The family said she had been reported missing three months ago.

Ms Abdalla told the Daily Nation that she spoke to her daughter only once since she went to Saudi Arabia in May 2009.

“My daughter travelled using genuine documents and the agent who recruited her is well known. I am asking the government to help me get back my daughter’s body,” said Ms Abdalla.

The Nation has established Ms Mwitani was recruited by Al-Shiraa Agency in Kisauni, Mombasa.

A few days ago, the Kenyan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr Mohammed Saleh, said some Kenyan workers complained of being treated inhumanly by their employers.

Mr Saleh said the government returned home more than 450 workers, most of them househelps, after they were recruited by bogus agents.

The Kenyan National Human Rights Commissioner, Mr Omar Hassan, urged the government to act.

“We shall take action to ensure rights of every citizen are not infringed,” said Mr Omar. 

Saudi Arabian labour laws have also been blamed of ill-treatment of foreign workers. Formation of workers’ unions and strikes are strictly prohibited and workers’ travel and movements highly restricted.



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