The Raila question at ICC -Video Emotions play in courtroom

Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s name has been mentioned at least three times at the International Criminal Court hearings at The Hague with strong indications by defence lawyers that they will seek an explanation why he was not presented before court.
In their submissions, lawyers for Eldoret North MP William Ruto and Kass FM presenter Joshua Sang accused ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo of ignoring witness testimonies touching on Mr Odinga. 
“Witnesses have said that they recognised Raila Odinga as the ODM leader and that he funded the presidential campaign in which he was a candidate. However, no effort has been made to bring him before this court,” said Mr David Hooper for Mr Ruto.
Mr Moreno-Ocampo is on record as saying that he had no evidence linking President Kibaki and Mr Odinga with the violence.
This was one of the key highlights of the first three days of the confirmation of charges hearings that recessed on Saturday to continue Monday.
Probably the most dramatic development in the three days were the allegations that Mr Ruto recruited retired army commanders Augustine Cheruiyot and John Koech and former GSU boss Samson Cheramboss to execute attacks during the 2007-8  violence. Mr Cheramboss denied the allegations in his testimony on Saturday. (READ: Former security chiefs ‘led’ attacks in Rift Valley)
Mr Ruto’s defence will most likely be seen as an extension of his political wars with Mr Odinga.
The Eldoret North MP and ODM deputy leader has fallen out with Mr Odinga for whom he campaigned in the ill-fated 2007 election from which the ICC proceedings arose.
The two have expressed interest in the presidency, with Mr Ruto accusing the PM of using the ICC to eliminate his opponents ahead of next year’s General Election.
Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, another presidential contender who is also facing accusations of crimes against humanity at the court, also blames Mr Odinga for his predicament.
The PM has laughed off the accusations.
The defence lawyers appeared to be adopting the line that as the ODM leader, Mr Odinga was at the top of the hierarchy of  Mr Ruto’s political organisation.
Mr Ruto’s lawyers, Mr Hooper and Mr Kioko Kilukumi, told the ICC Pre-Trial chamber that the choice of suspects was largely motivated by political considerations.
Mr Moreno-Ocampo alleges that Mr Ruto and Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey commanded a network including a military wing that carried out systematic and widespread attacks on Kikuyus, Kisiis and Kambas during the post-election violence period. 


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