Narc Kenya wants Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko out

Narc Kenya wants Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko out
Narc Kenya wants Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko out

Narc Kenya now wants the Makadara parliamentary seat declared vacant after expelling MP Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko. Narc-Kenya Secretary General Danson Mungatana said on Wednesday that the party had written to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Registrar of Political Parties urging them to strike the name of Sonko off from the party members’ register.

The letter which has also been copied to the MP, and the Narc-K National Management Committee said Sonko had contravened the party constitution and it therefore invoked Article 7 (e) (ix) of the party rules to expel him forthwith.

“We expect that the Speaker will take the necessary action against this MP,” he said.

The party is further seeking to strip the Makadara MP of his position in any of the parliamentary committees.

While delivering the decision of the Disciplinary Committee and the National Management Committee, Mungatana said Sonko failed to explain his conduct when he was summoned on Tuesday.

He said the Makadara MP instead threatened a party official and a senior police officer who tried to calm him down.

“He became completely unruly,” explained the party Secretary General.

“But most of all the Honourable Mbuvi picked up his files and threw them on the table saying that he doesn’t care and he will be elected by his people anyway,” added the party Secretary General.

Party chairperson Martha Karua had to navigate through a mob of irate (mainly women) supporters that Sonko had ferried along to the Narc Kenya head office.

The ball is now firmly in the court of the Registrar of Political Parties, who has in the past failed to act on the wishes of a party. Last year, the Orange Democratic Movement wrote to the Registrar asking her to de-register three of its member who it claimed were supporting another party.

Only last week, Safina party wrote to the same office, requesting for de-registration of Mathira MP Ephraim Maina.

Mungatana says the Party regrets sponsoring the controversial MP to Parliament and that they no longer wish to be associated with him.

“We really regret having sponsored this fellow. I am very sorry that we did,” he said.

The Garsen MP said the party has now adopted an internal vetting system for all those who will wish to be sponsored by Narc Kenya for any political post.

Mungatana said; “We want everyone to know that we are not going to just walk into Narc-K and collect a certificate, even if you win your nomination you must a person of good conduct. And, you must be a person that will not hold public office without decorum.”

He said the party and the nation at large “should not tolerate indiscipline and rogue leaders.”

“So those who are popular in the streets can go and head the street gangs, because they will not be MPs, Governors, Senators or holders of public office because we expect better from our public office,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party has handed Juja MP William Kabogo a three-month suspension and he’s is required to write an apology to the party within seven days, after he showed remorse and explained his conduct to the disciplinary committee.

This comes as the party cracked the whip on the perceived errant members owing to their support for the PNU alliance.

Kabogo and Sonko, who were elected to Parliament last year, have been accused by violating provisions of the Political Parties’ Act and Narc-Kenya’s constitution by openly campaigning for Karua`s political rival Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two MPs were summoned by the party’s disciplinary committee on Tuesday, but the session aborted after Sonko refused to disperse his supporters who had accompanied him to the hearing.

Sonko told the media that he had been unfairly treated by the party, and was ready to lose his parliamentary seat.



Narc Kenya wants Gideon Mbuvi alias Sonko out




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