Clergy condemn stoning of Tuju’s convoy in Kisumu


More than fifteen churches in Nyanza on Monday united to condemn acts of hooliganism ahead of 2012 General Election.

The clergy’s comments trace to the weekend incident in which some unruly youth attacked Presidential candidate Raphael Tuju in Kisumu.


The Bishops appealed to the youth in Kisumu to restrain from acts of violence saying it would not fix the problems bedeviling them.


"We want to appeal to our good youth to be tolerant to all candidates even if they do not like them," said Chairman of Nyanza clergy caucus Bishop Ogonyo Ngede.

He said nobody would rob the youth their votes by force explaining that when the elections time comes they will have the free will to pick their best bet.

"We want to pray for the country and our youth to practice politics of tolerance to allow democracy to thrive unabated to promote peaceful campaign," said Ngede.

He spoke during the burial preparations for Bishop Zephaniah Oreo of New wine Church who succumbed to Malaria last week.

Archbishop Habakkuk Abogno of Church of Christ in Africa, Lister Okinda of word of life, Paul Oselu of deliverance and Mac Ogoye of Redeemed churches asked leaders also to be more pro-active in promoting peace.

Ngede said they are united to move round the country to promote peace.

However, some youth blamed Tuju for ill intent that triggered the attack.

The youth wondered why he chose to visit the 2007/08 post election hotspots –Kondele and Kisumu stage largely inhibited by unruly youth.

"The innuendo created out of his visits is mischief. Why would he only be interested in hot spots ignoring vote rich areas," posed Noah Olwero.

Olwero – a Kanu youth, claimed that Tuju was out to provoke them to a fight. He said in a local radio station interview, Tuju hit on them.

And inter party youth forum gave a press statement telling some of the Presidential candidates to sell their agenda and stop antagonistic politics.

"We are not against Tuju, no. But he must come to us with good motive than ulterior motives, that way we will listen to him fully," said Olwero.

At the weekend, a team from national cohesion trailed the spots where Tuju was attacked to find out why.


Source- condemn stoning of Tuju’s convoy in Kisumu



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