David Wairimu’s story of Going back to school

With all the challenges and tough times we go though  in this country, it is important to celebrate the little moments in our lives. Were it not for them, we would never live to enjoy the greater ones. Here is one that I am celebrating after 5 tough years of hard labour.


In making the decision to go back to school, David Wairimu knew he had to seek an option that would also allow himto work full-time. After an extensive search, Wairimu chose Marian’s Adult Programs (MAP) because he felt the program made the most sense for him. “MAP seemed like the best option for me. I liked the five-week program, the small size of the classes, and the affordable cost.”MAP offered so much more than a great education. Healso gained life and professional lessons and a wealth of experience.
“Most of my fellow students have been working for years and with that comes experience that cannot be found in the textbook.” Being surrounded by a diverse group of working adults has given him real-world contextual experience for his career. “It has prepared me for current and future challenges that I may face.” Wairimu was not only captivated by his peers, but also by his professors. They set realistic expectations for him, and just as in a traditional college class, helped guide him in a direction that would be conducive to his success.
Wairimu reflects on something a professor said, “She told us that we must not forget that this is not college as we knew it, that we are now adults with families, jobs, and so many other things going on. So we must have a realistic expectation of what we want and how many classes we take.” Wairimu says that those words in the first five minutes of her class are what saw him through his collegiate experience. Wairimu received a job offer with Cummins Engine and is now a global reverse logistic specialist in Memphis, Tennessee.



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