MP urges more babies in Nithi to increase his chances of capturing presidency in 2027


An assistant minister has called upon women in his constituency to give birth to more children to increase his chances of capturing the presidency in 2027.

Kareke Mbiuki, of Agriculture, rewarded eight mothers in his Nithi constituency who had given birth at Kariakomo Health centre, where he announced the “give birth to more children” campaign.

The MP gave the mothers assorted baby items and Sh5,000 each and he pledged to pay their maternity fees. He said those who will head his call will be treated the same.

Kareke said he realised the lapse in population numbers in the region last year and urged local people to “go back to your beds and bring forth more children”. “This is a campaign for women to get more babies to secure my 2027 presidential bid. We don’t want to be like Central province where women stopped having kids,” said Kareke.

“As a politician I need to have more votes and I must garner enough at home. I will make this a continuous campaign that will see people of my constituency give birth to more children”, he added.

Source: Nairobi Star


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