Wako elected to UN Law Commission


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Former Attorney-general Amos Wako has been elected to the United Nations’ International Law Commission.


The 193 members General Assembly of the United Nations handed Wako a 5-year term beginning January 2012.

Many people had expected him to run for either the governorship of Busia County or some other political position in the devolved new Kenya.

Voting by way of secret ballot, the Assembly elected a total of 34†members of the International Law Commission. They constituted nine nationals from Africa, eight from Asia, three from Eastern European, six from Latin American and Caribbean States; and eight nationals from Western European or Other States.

From Africa, others who the assembly elected are Mohammed Bello Adoke (Nigeria), Pedro Comiss·rio Afonso (Mozambique), Abdelrazeg el-Murtadi Suleiman Gouider (Libya), Hussein Hassouna (Egypt), Maurice Kamto (Cameroon), Ahmed Laraba (Algeria), Chris Peter (United Republic of Tanzania), and Dire Tladi (South Africa).

Wako’s term as Kenya’s AG was marked with controversy with claims that he was a hindrance to democratic developments in Kenya. At one time during the heady days of actualizing the new Constitution, the US government reportedly slapped him with a ban to the US for allegedly standing in the way of the new constitution.

It turned out however that the alleged ban was not worth the paper it was written on as Wako has continued to freely travel to and from the US.

Last June, the Standard exclusively reported that Wako was in New York despite a ban blocking him from traveling to the US. He had traveled to US to launch the campaign for re-election to the United Nation’s International Law Commission.

By Chris Wamalwa in USA 

Source- http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000046906&cid=4


Wako was elected on Thursday at the 59th meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations at its 66th session at the UN headquarters, New York.

The International Law Commission is the Premier Commission in the UN charged with the promotion of the progressive development of International Law and its codification. It is the think-tank for the UN that deals with the developments of International Law.†

Wako, Kenya’s long serving AG who was recently swept away by the new Constitution wave a few months ago was apparently re-elected to the position he once held more than twenty years ago before he was appointed by former president Daniel Moi to be his law point man.



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