African immigrants employed in low-skilled jobs in the UK


United Kingdom, 29th October: Nearly one-third of high-skilled UK visa holders are employed in low-skilled jobs in the UK, the latest official figures by the UK Border Agency have revealed.

As per the study findings, around 29 percent of high-skilled immigrants in the UK were employed in unskilled jobs while the percentage of those employed in skilled jobs was 25 percent. Meanwhile, there was no clarity about the jobs being undertaken by the remaining 46 percent high-skilled immigrants in the UK.


UK Immigration Minister Damian Green stated that it’s really important that highly skilled immigrants in the UK must do highly skilled jobs and UK Tier 1 visas should not be used to secure low-skilled jobs in the UK.


He reiterated on the need for immediate steps to discourage such trend among the immigrants.


Skilled employment includes any profession paying more than £25,000 per annum while unskilled work includes any employment paying lower than £25,000.


The report also seems to question about the value of this category of UK immigration.


While those coming to the UK under UK Tier 1 visa do not require any offer of job in the UK prior to their entry into the nation. However, they are required to possess certain eligibility criteria including educational qualifications, age and previous salary before getting UK Tier 1 visas.


The UK Tier 2 visas under the PBS (Points Based System), on the other hand, require an offer of job in the UK by any migrant wanting to move to the UK.


The findings of the report released just ahead of the revelation of a permanent UK immigration cap are likely to influence in shaping up of the annual UK immigration limit to be set by the UK government.


The comprehensive arrangements for annual UK visa limits are likely to be announced by the UK government shortly.


The details of this announcement will also include the categories of UK visas to be included in such annual UK visa cap. The permanent UK immigration cap, meanwhile, is going to come to into effect from April 2011 and will be applicable to non-EU migrants wanting to move to the UK.






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