Don’t let the clock tick midnight with the same old mentality

Don’t let the clock tick midnight with the same old mentality
Don’t let the clock tick midnight with the same old mentality

For those who read my articals, I take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely. You give me strength to write. I write because I love humanity. It takes time to write over 2,000 words from the blue. My intention is to inform, to educate and also to entertain. This year 2011 has come to an end and we will never see it again. Once its gone, it is gone and gone and gone forever. As you watch the year go and the new year ome in, do you ever ask yourself some questions on how the year was or why some things happened in your life?

No doubt you would want to have a better life by 31st December 2012. You have what it takes because it is your right to have a better life. Unfortunately, you risk remaining in the same position for ever and ever if you don’t change some aspects of your character. For example you live in the west and when you hear of billions and billions of shillings remitted to Jamuhuri by people from diaspora, you will be wondering why you are never in the equation. The wave of prosperity sweeps across every doasporian except you. Why? How comes when others are enjoying good relationships you you are just revolving around a circle? Is there anything wrong with you? How comes all your colleagues have got what it takes to be in their adopted country while you you are playing hide and seek with police? How comes this country has never favoured you when it looks that all laws favour your friends? What about your children? To your opinion, are they children you can be proud of? Lend me your ears:-

Forget what your Pastor is telling you about next year being the year of plenty or the years of increase. Some will even tell you about next year being whole with double portion because of what and what verse in the bible. They will lay their hands on you and rebuke the devil that stops you from prosperity. You will then wake up and speak in toungues and do karate chops while jumping up and down telling the devil to go back to hell and leave you alone. You can do all this jumping and sweating and claim to be dripping with annoiting but you will be dripping with sweat my dear. Relax and listen to me please.

You were born to prosper. You don’t need anybody to lay hands on you. What matters is what is in your mind. Please, please do not let the clock tick midnight with the same old mentality. You must renew your mind. Your attitude must change in the first place if you want next year to be any different from 2011.

You can pray and pray and your prayers will never be answered. Let me tell you something you possibly have never known. Any prayer without feelings and emotions is just words or something like Christian rap. Your prayers must be accompanied by deep feelings and emotions of what you are praying for. You must visualise and have a mental picture of the end result of what you are praying for. whatever you are praying God for must be of good report. If you pray for something and God does not give you, just know that God is smart not to give you. Practice detachment, this means that you should let the universe take its own course. Do not desparately need something. Just pray God to give you, do your part and the rest you leave to God.

You must do something about your beliefs. You are what you are because of what you believe in. For some strange reasons, I used to believe that all years ending with an odd number were bad to me and indeed they became bad, really bad. I realised that my self limiting belief was holding me back and so I made a 180 degree turn by believing that everyday will bring its own miracles. From then on I have seen miracles
that I never thought I would experience. You are your own powerhouse irrespective of your present condition. No situation is permanent and also remember that a big obstacle can be stepping stones to greater things. Before midnight, shake off that mediocrity, imagine and believe that you are a winner and you are in this world with a purpose. Walk tall and nobody should tell you that you are a child of a lesser God. Avoid negative people, delete their phone numbers before midnight.

Whatever that you do not have give it out. If it is money that you need, give money. Join a good bible based church and start donating. You can start with a cheque of little as £5.00 pounds. God will bless you and you will be able to give a cheque of £10.00 next month. Trust me, you will be blessed and you will find yourself writing cheques of £5,000.00 or more for the church. Don’t forget that some churches are business enterprises so you must be careful who you are giving to. I once saw a Jamhurian in my church pleadge £5,000.00 to the church and I wondered how on earth he did that. Let me tell you that it is very, very possible. Your donation does not have to go to church alone. There must be some charities that are close to your heart, please give. The more you give the more you will get, that is my belief and it has never disappointed me. If you go to a hotel and you are served well, give tip. If you go to the barber shop, do the same, give tip. If you need love, give love to people (note the difference between loving people and making love to people).

Wherever you go and whoever you meet, please give something. It can be a complement or a flower. Have something for everyone. There are some of us who are talented with breaking other people’s hearts. They will never encourage you for they will always drain your energy. You should be a million miles away from them. Just watch them from a distance and ignore them. The more you associate yourself with them, the more you become like them. They have very many curses under their sleeve and once they are in your cicle of friends, you will get a share of their curses and you will never prosper. Come midnight tonight, you must convince yourself that the people in your life are people whose integrity is beyond reproach. Eagles fly with Eagles not sparrows. You cannot learn to fly with Eagles if you are working with chicken. Find people who can challenge you and can add value to your life. Don’t be too comfortable working with people who are below you. (Manman stop bragging! Its my hobby so please excuse me…)

Why are you wasting your time trying to reconcile with someone who does not want to reconcile with you? Think kindly of that person but please do not waste more time. Life is too precious to waste with losers. Somebody in hospital is crying to God to help him be healthy and you you are healthy and you are busy arranging meetings to reconcile with a devil? Be serious with life. If you are on the wrong please say sorry and erase bad feelings from your mind.
Yes, we all have enemies and we hate them to death. Know what, if you want God to make you prosper, you have got to forgive that person who wronged you. Life can be very boring without enemies. Wise men say that not unless you are chased, you cannot run so you need an enemy somewhere to make you run.

As we enter next year 2012, remember it will be a new year to you if you only have a new mindset. You might not progress an inch if you still have your old mentality. My wish is to see you prosper and prosper. COME 2013 I CAN SEE YOU LOOKING BACK AND SAYING; YES! WHAT A WONDERFUL YEAR 2012 WAS!. MAY YOU HAVE A VERY SUCCESSFUL NEAR YEAR 2012
By Man Man (Whispers of London}



Don’t let the clock tick midnight with the same old mentality


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