Do Something, Time Waits For No Man: The Clock Is Ticking

Do Something, Time Waits For No Man: The Clock Is Ticking

Do Something, Time Waits For No Man: The Clock Is TickingGood things come to those who wait, so we are told, and patience pays. What we are never told however is how the good things come, and to what extent patience pays. Or rather, we never mind to know, we only believe and hope it works.  Waiting alone is not enough, neither is patience without action.  We must do something, even as we wait for better things, and exercise our patience.

When asked what they want to become in the future, most students have responses at the tip of their fingers. From Doctor to Pilot, name them all. They will not wake up one day and find themselves, professionals. It will be a lie to clap for them and tell them to just wait for that day to come. Instead, they are made to know that they must put in hard work and excellence in order to get there. And only those who qualify will be admitted into their desired course of study. Again, admission into their course will not be enough. They must put in efforts to graduate as the professionals they want to be, or else some will even drop out along the way.  This is basically a scenario known to everyone but hardly do we apply it in our lives.

Many are the dreams in our hearts. Many are the ideas we would like to make come true. Unfortunately, we sit back and wait for perfect conditions before we start doing something. We are ready to wait until a door opens somewhere, but do nothing as we wait. We are positive that our patience will pay us one day, for doing nothing! It doesn’t work that way.  What most of us forget is that as we sit down to wait for better days, the clock is ticking. Before anyone knows it, a month is gone, then a year, then things change and a new normal has to be adopted. At this point, letting go becomes easier than pursuing the dream.

Our dreams by all means are valid, but a price has to be paid. This is a wake-up call. There’s no perfect time to wait for. Gradual steps must be made towards realizing one’s dreams. Yes, the good things will come but only after we pay the price; and patience will only pay when we have something to give in return. Things may not be the way you want them to be, do something anyway. Times may be hard, move forward anyway. What you have at hand, that idea is enough to get you going.  No matter how impossible it appears to be, you can soar beyond it, one day at a time.  Impossible is Nothing!

By Elizabeth  Ekakoro Bore: Diaspora Messenger contributor

Author of  Imagine the  world and create it 

Do Something, Time Waits For No Man: The Clock Is Ticking



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