Kenyan family Will Case in UK goes to Court


The case of a Kenyan rich family  whose sons were forcing their Dad to sign them a will landed in a London court on Thursday 8th December 2011. The case involves  four parties namely – three children on one hand who are said to have tortured their father, the mother,other children, the social services who have been taken to court by the three children in UK for taking their father to hospital and later to a nursing home and the police on the other hand.


The judge directed that the case should be brought back to him in two weeks and the following should be executed. The three children in UK were instructed to be giving their mother £200 per week for expenses, they should also be paying the hotel expenses for their mother and the should pay the hospital bill for their father which is estimated to be in the tune of £140,000. The judge explained that all this expenses should be paid by the 3 children from their own pockets and not from the parents. The social services to compile a report for the court and the police to do thorough investigations on this case. The case should be back to the court on 21st of December this year.


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