A Kenyan Inventor in UK soon to make it big in US


An inventor who combined a hamster cage with a fish tank is to see his dream become reality when the first prototype is made in the US this month.

 Erik Kariuki, 31, claims he’s had to turn down a more than $1m offer for his musthave pet accessory ‘Rodent Arkwatis’ – an invention created in his semi-detached house in Queens Park, Bedford.

 Originally from Kenya, Mr Kariuki said his brainstorm came during a visit to a water park in Dubai. The cage/tank is designed so your pet can enjoy a wet-free aquatic view of the fishes.

Mr Kariuki, who will see the first prototype made shortly , hopes to see it hit the shelves in the UK later this year. He said: “I went into a water park in Dubai.

“I saw this and thought ‘I could do this with hamsters and fish’.

“I have worked on it for three years and I got an offer from a US company offering me $1.2m for my invention – but I was advised to turn it down. It’s not a bad position to be in turning down that sort of money.

The father-of-three said international companies – including two top Italian firms – are scrambling to get their hands on his creation.

He added: “I’m originally from Kenya and there small animals are only considered as pests.

“My wife Angela has been so supportive and the kids have gone nuts for it. I’m hoping to see it hit the shelves in Britain by the end of the year.”




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