Top diplomats to visit Kenyan woman in Dubai hospital


The 26-year-old remains in a critical condition after violent attack.

Abu Dhabi: Kenya’s top diplomats in the UAE have planned a high-level hospital visit today to see a young Kenyan woman on life support following what eyewitnesses describe as a savage beating over the weekend.

Kenya Ambassador to the UAE Mohammad Gello confirmed that after four days of critical emergency care in Rashid Hospital, Esther, 26, remains in a coma and diminished brain activity has not improved.

Gello and top Kenyan community leaders will officially visit the hospital trauma centre where Esther has remained under strict observation following an altercation early on Saturday morning in which eyewitnesses claim she was punched and kicked by an unknown assailant.

Dubai Police have arrested two Emirati men and one remains in custody while the other has been released on bail as investigators continue to probe the incident.

In an interview with Gulf News, Ambassador Gello said the full attention of the Kenyan government was being brought to bear in the case to support Esther, a former sales clerk at a major retail store in a Dubai mall.


"Our biggest problem is that Esther is in a coma and we’re having a difficult time finding her next of kin," Gello said. "Kenya’s Foreign Affairs as well as Immigration are helping us and we should be in contact with her family by the end of the day."

Kenya’s UAE diplomatic officials are interviewing known friends of Esther to learn the whereabouts of the young woman’s family believed to be living in the Mombasa area on the country’s east coast.

On the legal front, Gello said the Kenya Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Kenya Consulate in Dubai are assigning its diplomatic mission staff to all aspects of the case to ensure the tragic incident is addressed.

"We’ve already arranged for a legal assistant for Esther to help follow the case to make sure those who are responsible for this are punished," Gello said. "Usually the embassy does not pay for legal services but this is a special case to provide legal assistance," he added.

Phones have not stopped ringing at the embassy and consulate in recent days from Kenyan nationals who are asking what action is being taken by Kenya government officials on Esther’s behalf, he said.

Given the high level of concern by the Kenyan community in the UAE, estimated to number around 30,000, Gello said diplomatic attachés are working in close cooperation with Dubai police and Dubai prosecution.

"Definitely, what is important for us is to follow up to ensure due process is followed," Gello said. "I think Dubai police have done a good job and we want to register our appreciation that we believe in the legal system here and that there is justice for the victim. In this case, Dubai police have been extremely efficient."


Kenya Acting Consul General John Mutua echoed the praise for Dubai police noting that investigators in the Esther case "have handled this quite professionally. We have all the confidence that they will bring the assailant to justice."

Mutua said some Kenyans are asking how they can help Esther and her family while others have suggested a community fundraising campaign to cover expenses stemming from the incident.

"Fundraising has not been explored yet," Mutua told Gulf News.



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