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Remember the song by Percy Sledge – Take Time To Know Her .Something happens to people when they turn 30 and are in a relationship that is unlikely to lead to marriage or, they are single without any prospects on the horizon.

Suddenly, great panic sets in causing them to get attached to whoever shows any sort of interest in them. Some even settle for that relationship with a man they have always told you is definitely not the kind they are looking for.

She was 31, going on 32 and worried about becoming an old maid.  Then a few months shy of her 32nd birthday she began to tell me about this man she’d been introduced to by a friend. I asked her what his name was and she wouldn’t tell me.

Now, when a girlfriend refuses to tell you the name of a man she fancies, all your red flags should go up, and mine did.

Six months later, she delivered a wedding invite to my house and didn’t have the ‘time’ to stop and chat. I attended the wedding and met the groom for the first time.

And just two weeks ago, my girlfriend walked back into my life and told me that she was walking out of her marriage with her baby. Most of her complaints began with: “I didn’t know…”

I kept stopping myself from saying “I told you so”. As she walked out of my house to go back to her ‘home of sorrows’, this song by Percy Sledge came to mind:

I found a woman

I felt a true love

She was everything

I’d ever been dreaming of


The man in this song soon found out that he should’ve listened to mama.

Are we listening to those who may have a clearer view of our marriages or relationships today?


But she was bad, I didn’t know it

Her pretty smile never did show it

All I knew is what I could see


Took her home to mama

Mama, wanna see my future bride

Well she looked at us both

Then she called me to her side

She said son, take time to know her

It’s not an overnight thing

Take time to know her

Please don’t go rushing  to do your thing




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