Kenya Government statement on Kenyans going to Saudi Arabia for work


Republic of Kenya,


Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Suspension of Recruitment and Export of Domestic Workers to Middle East Countries.


The Government has noted with concern, the increasing number of Kenyan citizens who have sought employment in the Middle East as domestic workers (Housekeepers/maids) and ended up in distress. 
The complaints received range from mistreatment, lack of payment of salaries, overwork, and denial of food and lack of communication with their relatives in Kenya. 
In some cases, the Kenyans are lured by unscrupulous and unregistered agents who promise non–existent and supposedly lucrative jobs to desperate and unsuspecting Kenyans.
The Government wishes to reiterate its commitment to the protection and welfare of all its citizens, including those outside the country.
The Government is therefore working on a mechanism, including but not limited to, vetting of all recruitment agents afresh and signing of Labour framework Agreements with various countries, to address some of the concerns raised by the distressed Kenyans in the Middle East.
In the meantime, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform that the Government has temporarily suspended recruitment and export of domestic workers (Housekeepers/maids) to Middle East Countries with immediate effect.
AMB. P.S. Wamoto, EBS
Political and Diplomatic Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
6th July, 2012






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