Kenyan Landlord in UK Tormented for tackling thugs


A landlord who has banned more than 100 troublemakers from his Leeds pub in a zero-tolerance crackdown is being targeted by thugs.

Joseph Njuguna has barred large numbers of customers in a bid to stamp out the drug dealing, under-age drinking and antisocial behaviour that have blighted the Savannah in Hunslet.

But his actions appear to have angered some of those he ordered to stay away.

He is suffering several incidents of vandalism, abuse and initimidation a week.

“We started a zero tolerance policy – we’ve banned well over 100 people – and they have retaliated,” he said.

“It’s scary and it gets to you when you have given everything and you want your business to work.”

Mr Njuguna, 46, said he took action because of problems with drugs, violence and excessive drinking at the Grove Road members-only club, formerly the George IV Hotel.

Notices have been put up telling customers that drug dealing will not be tolerated and drunks will not be served. Security staff regularly turn people away.

Since the crackdown started, windows have been smashed, cars have been attacked, eggs have been thrown at the premises and customers leaving the pub have been verbally assaulted.

On one occasion a group of young men walked into the pub and urinated against a wall. In the most recent incident, a brick was thrown through one of the windows, narrowly missing a group of people playing pool.

It happened shortly after a customer who had been banned was ordered to leave.

“It was just lucky that no-one was hurt,” Mr Njuguna said.

“I will not give in to people who come in to intimidate and terrorise our customers.”

Mr Njuguna, 46, has put about £30,000 into the business but estimates takings have dropped 50 per cent in the last three months.

The landlord, who moved to Leeds from Kenya, believes there is a racist element to the attacks and makes sure someone is on site round-the-clock for security reasons.

“The community know the people who are doing this and I just wish they would tell the police,” he said.

A police spokesman said so far they did not have enough information to take action.

“If people provide us with credible intelligence, we will investigate,” he said.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post






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