Miguna Miguna to run for president in future


Controversial author Miguna Miguna now says he will vie for presidency in future. “I’m not running for presidency next year but I cannot rule out any other time,” he said. While replying to questions from Nyeri town residents, Miguna said he is not ready this time to join politics but might join after the next general election.

The former prime minister’s adviser was speaking at YMCA hall where he was promoting his book Peeling Back the Mask. About 1,000 people attended the function. "I did nothing wrong in writing the book. Everybody has the of freedom of expression, speech and freedom of association. I will not be intimidated or cowed by anybody," he added.

Miguna was received well in Nyeri town unlike in Mombasa and Kisumu towns where he was attacked. Miguna was received by jubilant wananchi who even asked him to walk in the town for about one kilometre. Others wanted him to give a speech. Business came into a standstill as hundreds of Nyeri residents escorted him bravely and freely as he went around shaking hands with wananchi with about 20 vehicles following behind.

Local leaders welcomed Miguna including Nyeri mayor Edward Muteru and a battery of councilors. “Miguna is our saviour. We shall support your initiative," the mayor said. Miguna said his warm reception in Nyeri is an indication that Kenya is one nation with one people. He accused Prime Minister Raila Odinga of organising goons to disrupt his functions in Mombasa and Kisumu towns.

He said he knows how much the goons were paid and where the attacks against him were planned. Murang’a, residents howver snubbed Miguna’s visit to popularize his book. Only a about 30 people were present by 12pm. The former PM advisor on coalition matters had arrived as early as 10.00 am and had to wait for several hours for people to arrive.

In his speech, Miguna said t corruption in government dates back to the regime of former President Moi. “Most Kenyan money ends up in the pockets of a few individuals and if Kenyans especially the youth will not say no such vices the county might go poor,” he claimed. At the same Miguna Miguna claimed that Prime Minister Raila Odinga hired goons to attack him in Mombasa and Kisumu towns.

He claimed that he has evidence that the PM had hired and organized the youth to disrupt his functions. “I know that Raila paid the goons to attack me both in Kisumu and Mombasa and I have the full evidence to charge him,” he said. Miguna also said he will not accept to be cowed by the PM adding that he will also rejects efforts by Raila to treat him as a inferior human being.

“Raila does not have more rights than I do and I will not allow him to assume such and I also urge Kenyans to snub such Presidential candidates who are allegedly funding violence,” he added. While addressing the gathering Miguna painted Raila as a person who lack leadership capabilities to assume leadership from President Kibaki once he retires next year.

“Raila is just a comedian and his office is full of corruption dealing and disorganization. If he cannot manage issues in his office what can he do when he becomes the president?” Miguna said. Meanwhile seven Murang’a youth were on Monday night and released yesterday morning on suspicion of planning to disrupt the launch of the controversial book.

The youth were also allegedly paid by politicians to disrupt the meeting which was to take place at a Murang’a hotel. According to reliable police sources, the youth led a well known tout were arrested by National Security Intelligence Service officers. The source indicated that the youth were planning to block Miguna Miguna convoy from entering Murang’a town.

They were arrested in one of the lodgings in Murang’a where they had been booked for the night. The source also added that the youth (number not confirmed) have been paid to ensure that the meeting by the former Prime Minister aide would not succeed. Other reports indicate that Wainaina was also to recruit 60 youth to disrupt the whole occasion.

The source who declined to be named said the youth who were arrested on Tuesday spent the night in the police cells and were released the following morning. The Star also learnt that the youth were also warned from attenacards and were to way lay the former PM aide at Mukuyu town.ding the book launch or even get nearer to the venue.



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