It Is Possible Oouko’s Murderers Are Responsible For The Death Of Saitoti


PLEASE REVEAL THE NAMES OF THOSE WHO MURDERED DR. ROBERT JOHN OUKO AND POISONED PROF. GEORGE SAITOTI AND HAND THEM OVER TO THE “SAITOTI COMMISSION OF INQUIRY–IT IS POSSIBLE THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF SAITOTI AND OTHERS IN THE HELICOPTER CRASH;”This is not my original skin”. Said Professor George Saitoti when he accepted he was poisoned just a few days following his warning that he would spill the beans over the controversial Goldenburg looting scandal in
the 90s.  .

A little while before he was poisoned, the late professor of mathematics, had been cornered over allegations he was involved in the Goldenburg scandal. But in his denial of any involvement in the scandal, he warned, “I will spill the beans, Kila mtu abebe mizigo yake mwenyewe”. { I will spill the beans, everyone should carry his/her own luggage}.  No doubts, Saitoti had been poisoned because he scared the looters of public funds in the infamous Gldenburg scandal when he warned that, he would spill the beans about the scandal.

The aim of poisoning him was to kill him in order to destroy the evidence he had about the scandal, but he did not die.

A short while prior to Saitotis’ death in the helicopter crash, it had been reported that, the same Goldenburg scandal controversy, which nearly cost him his life in the 90s, would be revived. What a scenario?. No doubts, had Professor Saitoti been recalled to testify in the controversial scandal once it was revived, he would have spilled the beans. But he was not let to live long enough to do so.

It is therefore certain, that the message of the revival of the Goldenburg scandal in this era of the new Constitution, new rules, more democracy and more freedom in Kenya, must have sent new scaring signals to those who had earlier poisoned Saitoti, hitherto warranting new plans to eliminate the professor once and for all.

Days, Months and years after Saitoti was poisoned, President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi has repeatedly and publicly said that, “whoever who killed the late Dr. Robert John Ouko, is the same one who poisoned Professor George Saitoti”.    President Moi said those words during his tenure of his reign as the President of the Republic of Kenya, making it more certain that what he said was true because he had power and authority over the land of Kenya.

It is then possible to believe that whoever that murdered Dr. Ouko and poisoned Professor Saitoti, is the same person or the same people who planned and killed the late minister for Internal Security, Professor George Saitoti in a helicopter crash. This is because there are no doubts that whoever whose beans would have been spilled by Saitoti had the Goldenburg scandal been revived, is likely the one who planned and killed him in the helicopter crash. The only individual Kenyan who knows whose beans Saitoti would have spilled, is President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.
Only President Moi has the password and the secret code that can unlock the complicated puzzle and the mystery surrounding the death of the late Minister for internal security. Regardless of whether the intended revival of the Goldenburg scandal or the alleged position of Saitoti as a prosecution witness at the Hague were the reasons which made President Moi make the hasty about turn and abrupt change of mind in the support of Saitoti for the Presidency of Kenya, to replace his long time favorite for the same position, Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, creates suspicion and he should provide Kenyans with the name or the names of those who murdered the late Dr. Ouko and poisoned Professor Saitoti.   Mois support for Saitoti. .  It is a big crime for President Moi to withhold and to keep secret  such sensitive public  matters. He should release those names immediately.

Nevertheless, the evil spirits of political assassinations and political murders which have continued to rob Kenyans, men of high integrity for many years in the name of “Kenya Politics”, should be fought hard and brought to an end. Since Independence of Kenya in 1963, regime after regime has been associated with political assassinations and/or political murders. Reports from commissions of inquiries for various political assassinations and political murders which have been committed in Kenya, have never been made public and no one has been prosecuted except for Isaac Nahason Njenga Njoroge.

President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta hid from the Kenya public, the Parliamentary select Committee report which investigated the murder of JM Kariuki, until he died in 1978. President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi hid from the Kenya public, the report of the Ouko Commission of Inquiry which investigated the mysterious murder of Dr. Robert John Ouko, until he left office in 2002. President Mwai Kibaki has until this day, continued to hide from the Kenya public, the second report of another Commission of Inquiry which once again investigated the mysterious murder of Dr. Robert John Ouko after he took office in 2002.

This insanity of political assassinations and political murders in Kenya must be brought to an end. Kenyans must be ready to support every effort aimed at bringing to an end the heinous culture of using Kenya politics as an excuse to assassinate and to murder men of high integrity, honest and transparent. Kenyans should no longer be deprived good leaders, through the senseless political assassinations and political murders. This has to be stopped and ended, and never to be witnessed or to be heard in Kenya again.

All the above facts do not rule out the possible complicity of a second or a third party in the murder of Professor George Saitoti. Rumors had already been circulating that Saitoti was a prosecution witness at the Hague.    Whoever Saitoti was to testify against at the Hague, would have certainly joined any group to eliminate him. Therefore the complicity of those who had poisoned Saitoti  in his murder, cannot be ruled out. It is therefore appropriate, and in order  to pursue this as a second lead.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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It Is Possible Oouko’s Murderers Are Responsible For The Death Of Saitoti

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