Moi ordered to vacate 100-acre land


The court of appeal has ordered former President Daniel Moi to vacate a 100-acre piece of land on which Moi High School Kabarak stands.

The court quashed a high Court ruling that had conferred Moi ownership of the land that formerly belonged to Malcolm Bell in a judgement read by Lady Justice Martha Koome.

In an earlier ruling Justice Muga Apondi had determined that the land was legally in Moi’s possession for his 12 year uninterrupted occupancy.

Lady Justice Koome directed that the land ownership be reverted to its former owner Malcolm Bell within six months.

The court also heard that Moi reneged on a promise of supplying Bell with water and electricity in exchange for the land that bound both parties.

The court further nullified the deal between the duo.

The court said that the six months period would allow Moi harvest his crops from the farmland before surrendering it to Bell’s son.

The court questioned the legality of Moi High school Kabarak that commenced as a public institution before its conversion into a private entity.

The school started off as a public institution but was later under unclear circumstances allegedly reverted to a private property owned by the retired president’s family.

The latest ruling comes hot on the heels of another ruling that compelled the retired one of the sons of the retired president to pay millions of shillings for the upkeep of his sons.

The court later issued warrant of arrests after he allegedly failed to honor the court’s ruling.







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