A Diaspora returnee having it rough in Kenya

A Diaspora returnee having it rough in Kenya
A Diaspora returnee having it rough in Kenya

Hello everyone – I returned back to Kenya last year February after 15yrs in the Uk. It was really a difficult choice to make considering I had not invested a lot in Kenya. But with God’s faith I packed my things and started a new life in Kenya. I can tell you life hasn’t been easy at all, things are really expensive and you have to withstand a lot of behind your back talks. Sometimes one can feel like you made a mistake considering the kind of vehicles people here drive and I can’t even afford a banger myself.

Even though I haven’t really achieved what I want so far – I am working on it and things seems promising – one thing I can say is am more happy here – I remember those days when I didn’t have a shift and had to stay in my room all day watching TV and depressed, leave the house to go to Tesco and then back to my depressing ka-room.

Here I can visit my relatives and friends. I miss UK but I don’t regret my decision to come back. All I can tell those willing to come back is to be ready for a big challenge coz it will not be easy especially if you don’t have any investment or ready job available. But the most important thing is a place where you can stay without paying rent coz without that sooner than later you will go broke if you have no income.

I really respect all living in the diaspora coz its not easy at all – and it gets even harder when you come back home.




A Diaspora returnee having it rough in Kenya


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