Sick Kenyan in Tacoma, Washington urgently need help for medical operation



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Moses Wambugu Ndiritu of Tacoma, Washington is in dire need of our help. He has a medical condition known as Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) which is a rare inherited disorder causing a formation of a new bone on the surface of an existing bone. The bones at times grow near the nerves or tendons and therefore require to be surgically removed. 

This is the predicament Moses, a father and husband is in. He has had various surgeries on his arms, chest and thighs but the condition still persists. He has had a recent surgery on one of his leg but a year later the pre-existing condition is now affecting both legs   He urgently requires surgery to remove the abnormal growing bones which are now causing chronic pain that is debilitatingly severe. 

Moses, a nurse by profession is now experiencing a difficult time doing what he loves best, helping other people.   He is therefore seeking financial help to foot his medical costs as he urgently needs to undergo a surgery. Any assistance availed in aid of Moses will be greatly appreciated. A fundraiser committee has been put in place and efforts are underway to elicit funds from well wishers.

Donations in cash ,personal check or money orders can be wired to Moses Wambugu Ndiritu, American Credit Union Account No.55880006837701 or mailed to;

Moses Ndiritu

1717 S 84th St #A10

Tacoma WA 98444

For further inquiries please contact:

Peter Mwaura-253 617 9958 or

Peter Wambugu -415 691 9398

A facebook page has been established regarding the same…..

That you and God Bless You as we prepare to get Moses back on to his feet. Matthew 7:12“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”









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