There are 10k domestic workers and 40k Kenyan professionals in Saudi Arabia


There are 10k domestic workers and 40k Kenyan professionals in Saudi Arabia

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has urged a speedy conclusion to negotiations on the bilateral labour agreement between Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

Mr Musyoka said the agreement, which is in draft form, should be expeditiously finalised as a means of addressing the numerous complaints by domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

The VP noted that there are over 10,000 domestic workers and another 40,000 Kenyan professionals in Saudi Arabia in, and as such proper labour relations between the two nations was prudent.

“We want a bilateral labour agreement to be signed which stipulates binding contracts showing working hours, leave days, remuneration and expectations of both sides,” said Mr Musyoka when he met 15 Kenyan women, who have sought refuge at the Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh after complaining of being mistreated by their employers.

Hiring freeze

The VP said the government has ordered a freeze on hiring of Kenyan domestic workers until various issues are ironed out.

He also instructed labour officers in Kenya to deal decisively with cartels that operate illegally in the job market.

Mr Musyoka said the government will consider taking up the expenses of repatriating back home the 15 domestic workers holed up at the embassy.

Earlier, the VP, who is on a two-day visit of Saudi Arabia, met a group of Saudi businessmen and invited them to invest in Kenya’s tourism, transport and infrastructure sectors.



Mr Musyoka also invited Saudis to visit Kenya as tourists saying the country offers the best and most diverse range of tourism products.

“Our country has splendid natural features ranging from sandy beaches to captivating mountains, famous wildlife to beautiful culture which you could all enjoy when you visit,” he told the gathering.

He  praised Saudi Arabia for supporting Kenyan economy for the last 30 years .

“The funds has helped to construct roads, hospitals and schools in various parts of the country and for this we are grateful.”

Mr Musyoka also thanked the Saudi Government for supporting distressed Kenyan workers who choose to return home through provision of air tickets in consultation with the Kenyan mission in Riyadh

The VP was accompanied by Kenya ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mahamud Ali Saleh.

There are 10k domestic workers and 40k Kenyan professionals in Saudi Arabia


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