Fake video circulating showing Obama being born in Kenya-Watch

A new video is making the rounds that claims to show a very large President Obama being born at a hospital in Kenya. The owner believes the footage is real, but his claims quickly fall apart after the video is examined.

First the size of the “baby”. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a newborn baby this large. In an interview with Vice, “Peter R”, the man who owns the footage, claims that all Kenyan babies are this large, and that they get smaller as they get older.

There are many other glaring inconsistencies as well. He claims it was filmed on Super-8 film then converted to VHS. The only problem with this is that Super-8 wasn’t invented until 1965, 4 years after the video was purportedly filmed in 1961.

Another glaring inconsistency is the Kenyan flag shown in the video. That flag was not the Kenyan flag in 1961. The flag seen in the video would not be adopted for another 2 years, in 1963.

The last glaring inconsistency is the large photo of President Obama’s mother, Ann Durham, shown on the clipboard. Not only is it obscenely large, but it is also her high school yearbook photo, as can been seen on her wikipedia page. Her name is written in what appears to be permanent marker, which seems odd for a medical chart. None of the other information can be made out on the chart.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know if you think it is real or fake.

Obama Sr filmimg his sons birth in Kenya from Peter R on Vimeo.


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