A Kenyan in Idaho Nominated for National Honors and Awards


Dr. Vincent Kituku, an Idaho resident since 1992 and founder of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope, Inc., has been nominated by the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. for National Honors and Awards conferred by the President of the Republic of Kenya for his organization’s contribution in providing tuition and fees for orphans, children of widows and other destitute students in high school.

According to the Ambassador’s office, eligible nominees are people of high integrity who have made great contributions to Kenyan society.

Kituku established Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope (CHHH) to help needy children obtain a high school education. Kituku explained that “in Kenya, like many countries with limited resources, education for young people is the only way out of perpetual dependency on handouts. When youths are equipped with a quality education, the circle of poverty is broken.”

CHHH currently sponsors over 110 students in about 70 high schools and nine in universities or diploma colleges. In order to receive tuition funding, students must have passed their 8th grade exams and been admitted to a reputable high school. 

“This award nomination from the Republic of Kenya is a humbling and exciting honor,” Kituku said in a news release. “It is a reflection of the caring hearts of the many sponsors who give generously for a needy child to have a better future. The Ambassador’s faith and support of our program is a testimony of the positive impact CHHH has in educating children so that they can have rewarding careers and lift up their families and communities with their achievements.”

If you’d like to donate to CHHH, you can send a check to Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope, P.O. Box 7152, Boise, Idaho, 83707.

Source: Idaho Press-Tribune


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