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As you may already be aware, the IEBC has announced the polling centers for Kenya Diaspora voters in USA. There will be, according to the IEBC, only three polling centers established at Kenya’s diplomatic stations in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. This measure means that Kenyans living in the mid-western region of USA will be required to travel to one of the three centers, first, to register to vote, and, afterwards, to cast their vote. The practical and cost implications of this actions are unacceptable. The IEBC is, in effect, perpetrating voter suppression, denying Diaspora voters equitable access to voting and disenfrachising Kenyans contrary to the constitution. In addition, the IEBC is imposing a requirement that voters in the mid-west should incur costs that will run into thousand of dollars in order to vote. This requirement is not being imposed on other voters. Exercising the right to vote is a fundamental democratic right enshrined in the law. You will recall the IEBC recently asked for our views on establishing voting centers in the Diaspora. Have those views been put into consideration or was the IEBC survey a cosmetic measure?

In order to make our voices to be heard by the IEBC and Kenyan authorities, the KDDF-MN has started a petition to be signed by all Kenyan Diaspora voters. The petition calls upon the IEBC to establish polling stations that will be accessible to all eligible Kenyan voters. Our position is that the basis of assigning polling centers should be demographic, spatial and logistical considerations rather than the convenience of administrative (diplomatic) stations.

We urge you to sign the petition at:


By signing the petition, we will be making our unequivocal voice against this measure to be heard and, with one accord, calling on the IEBC to establish polling stations in a fair manner. The petition will be sent to the IEBC and all other concerned authorities with a five day period. It is, therefore, important that all Diaspora Kenyans sign this petition.

We are counting on your voice on this matter.

B. Metho I Secretary I 612.399.6163 I kddfmn@gmail.com I http://www.kddfgroup.org/



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