Video: Sonko strikes peace deal with MRC leaders-12

Video: Sonko strikes peace deal with MRC leaders
Video: Sonko strikes peace deal with MRC leaders

Three top MRC officials have signed a “peace agreement” with an MP to secure their release from prison.

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This followed a two-hour meeting with Makadara MP Gidion Mbuvi at the Shimo la Tewa Maximum Security Prison, where they are being held, at the weekend.

Mombasa Republican Council chairman Omar Mwamnuadzi, Mr Randu Nzai (secretary) and Mr Mohamed Mraja (spokesman) signed the pact with Mr Mbuvi, that was overseen by Muslims for Human Rights, a Coast human rights group.

“We the leaders of MRC have agreed to preach and keep peace when bonded out,” the agreement read in part.

The leaders also agreed to work with like-minded organisations and the government to maintain peace, justice and human rights.

However, they urged the government to assure them of their security and safety out of prison, expressing fears of “trumped up” charges being levelled against them while out on bond.

Muhuri’s rapid response coordinator Francis Auma said the accused were “worried” of being implicated for wrongs committed by supporters of the movement.

“They are categorical their safety or security is at stake if the government does not assure them of this,” Mr Auma told journalists outside the prison.

He claimed that the human rights lobby had agreed on a five-year action plan with the leaders of the secessionist group to tackle the squatter problem, unemployment and historical injustices using legal channels envisaged in the Constitution.

Mr Mbuvi also challenged the top officials to seek leadership positions in the next General Election in Coast.

Sonko has Massive following

“MRC has massive following in the region and their leaders can use this to win different elective seats in different counties,” he said, adding that through this, they would be in a position to resolve a number of their grievances.

He criticised the violent approach that led to the killing of a minister’s bodyguard and an assistant chief, saying that this had adversely effected tourism in the region.

The MP called on the coastal residents to preach and maintain peace so as to attract domestic tourists who flock to the region for December and New Year festivities.

Last week, Mr Mbuvi, popularly known as “Sonko”, submitted three title deeds for authentication at the Kwale Lands Registry before they were accepted as sureties for releasing the suspects.

The movement’s leadership has been in court for several weeks now since no one was willing to bail them out after the government threatened to arrest anyone sympathetic to them.

But on agreeing to surrender his titles for land valued at Sh20 million for their bonds, the MP gave conditions to the leaders to preach peace and to stop their secession calls.


Video: Sonko strikes peace deal with MRC leaders



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