Dr Thomas Manton’s prophecy about Uhuru becoming 4th President of Kenya


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Dr Thomas Manton's prophecy about Uhuru becoming 4th President of Kenya:
Dr Thomas Manton’s prophecy about Uhuru becoming 4th President of Kenya:


Thus Says The Lord, Our Mighty God,To Kenya & The World, Here On This Lovely Saturday Evening, February 23rd, 2013:
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  1. Thus Says The Lord: “Uhuru Kenyatta Is My Choice To Be Kenya’s Next And Fourth President Of Kenya.I have chosen Uhuru Kenyatta, says the Lord, as the one that I will work with for the betterment and development of the Kenyan Nation and People and all of its Societies. I have the well-being of the Nation and its People at the fore-front in priority. The ‘good’and great development of the Kenyan people and the Nationand its Societies is of utmost importance now, beyond anything, or anyone else.
  2. I Will Eventually Overturn the ICC Issue.What has been set up against Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and perhaps even others by the accusatory criminal charges against those who have been accused and charged is in actual reality, very counter-productive to My own plan for Kenya in this next season. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are not particularly the ones to be blamed for the horrific-violence that occurred in early 2008 in Kenya. This may seem like a shocking statement to some, but is, in fact, reality. I have chosen these two men to now take the Nation of Kenya and its People to the next-level that I have ordained. So what good is having these two gentlemen in court, being accused of heinous-crimes, when in actual fact, they were not the ones that were behind the onslaught of violence that was directed toward, and coming against their communities. Think long and hard about that and you will see the reality of what I am saying. And I say here now, declares the Lord, that the very thing that was set up to try to discredit the legitimacy of these two-men running for the highest two political-offices in Kenya, I will eventually overturn. That which also marred the image of Kenya internationally, I will overturn it too. I willoverturn the onslaught from the system and individuals that put this forward. And I will overturn the case. This attack was conspired and set up against them in biased ways, fraudulently, from the beginning.
  3. Lessons Can Be Learned By The Masses Because Of The International-Spotlight That Has Been Put On Kenya Because Of The Post-Election Violence That Occurred In Early 2008.  What the devil meant for evil, I am turning now for good, in every way, says the Lord!God says it is injustice if it were to hurt Kenya speaking specifically about regarding the ICC proceedings, you have already seen some strange developments regarding witnesses and postponements of the proceedings. I had to cause this to make way for Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto to win the Presidential Election. You see this miracle in motion before all of your eyes. And I will finish it too, says the Lord! No one would have thought from the outset that these developments would even ever happen. No one could have ever thought that these proceedings would be maneuvered by Me. But now you see it, says the Lord. And again, I will continue doing this for My desired result.
  4. I Caused The Local-Tribunal Option To Fail Because It Would Have Been Corrupted Locally Against My Interests, Says The Lord.  And the International Criminal Court will not be able to get it through either, because it is not My Will that these men be convicted for what they actually did not institute or originate. Who ever thought that the matter would get to a stalemate now, even for Mr. Mauthaura too? But I say here to you, says the Lord thatI am not done with the whole thing yet, and I will do much more to diffuse the entire-situation. It will be amazing as to how things will even turn yet much worse for the Prosecutors and issues regarding witnesses, and purported evidence, etc.
  5. Officially, TheLegitimacy Of Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta And Mr. William Ruto Running For President And Vice President Respectively Has Been Cleared And Sanctioned By Kenya’s Courts.The Courts said we cannot stand in the way of them running. This was quite an amazing development. And no Local Tribunal could ever get officially organized, because it would have also gotten locally corrupted againstMr. Kenyatta And Mr. Ruto somehow. Again, if you think long and hard about that, you will also see the reality of this.  At the bottom of it all, I just was not going to allow anything to stand in their way.
  6. The International Criminal Court Will Not Be Able To Fully Stick-It To These Men, Because I Do Not Desire Them To Do So.  Again, Kenyans and others, Hear Me! Learn your valuable-lessons now from all of this mess; and donot ever repeat the same violence again against your own people!  Anyone that would want to argue with this does not really see the big-picture. Regardless of what men think, My Ways are not your ways. My Thoughts are not your thoughts. They are higher than yours, and need no justification from man. I am saying that I have My Own Plan. And I know exactly who is pliable and flexible and has the right motivation and heart to do what I want to be done in Kenya. No one is perfect, of course, except Me. But the one(s)I the Lord feel will be the one(s) that will do the most for the well-being of the Kenyan people are the logical and obvious choice(s) for the Elective Office(s) that must be filled now. And so be it now to and for My Will!
  7. God First Spoke Audibly To Me, In Latter 2010, The Name Of The Man Who Will Be Elected As Kenya’s Next And Fourth President.  There, in latter 2010, was the actual first-time that I heard the Lord say Uhuru Kenyatta’s name aloud to me, regarding who would be the winner of Kenya’s next Presidential Election. I was in prayer that day, and as I was exiting my Prayer-Time with the Holy Spirit, it somehow strangely got into my mind right then to ask Him who it was that would actually become the next President of Kenya. Astoundingly, without even a millisecond of hesitation, God spoke back to me instantly, as soon as I finished my question to Him, with the name ‘Uhuru Kenyatta’. I was a bit amazed right then that God spoke so immediately, confidently, forcefully and audibly. After hearing Him say that, I was feeling kind of like: “Oh My God!”  Should I have even asked Him then? Well, in reality, it was very appropriate and it was His perfect Will that I did. Afterwards, I have never told even a single-soul on Earth, until now, this week, when He has finally released me to speak it out publicly! Six more times since the Holy Spirit spoke to me audibly in latter 2010, He has told me again clearly that Uhuru Kenyatta is His choice to be the Republic of Kenya’s next and fourth President. at least God has spoken to me audibly, out loud confirming to me that Uhuru Kenyatta will win the elections. And He has said that he is God’s own choice out of the pick of the candidate aspirants. He is the one that He feels is necessary to be there in office, and he is the one He is going to work with. He said he is the one that has got the right mind, the temperament and the right motive and heart to do it for Hi Glory and for the benefit of the Kenyan Nation and its People. Nothing beyond that really matters now about that. That is the heart of the issue.
  8. On December 13th, 2002, While In London, England, God Spoke To Me That Mr. Mwai Kibaki Would Be Elected As Kenya’s Next And Third President Of The Republic Of Kenya.  Two weeks before the then upcoming Presidential Election, on December 13th, 2002, God spoke to me about Mwai Kibaki winning the Presidential Election. He then said that he was God’s chosen-one for that new era of development for the Nation. Mr. Kibaki was clearly the man who was ready then for the big-job at hand that really needed to be done then. And he definitely had it all in his mind to work tirelessly and brilliantly for Kenya. And he certainly has! Look at all of the great and marvelous work he has done!
  9. Later, In 2007, Though All Hell Was About To Break Loose At The Very End Of The Year, Unbeknownst To The Masses; The Lord Decided Clearly To Let Mr. Kibaki Continue Working For Kenyans As Their President.  Mr. Kibaki’s campaign sloganin 2007 was quite appropriately: “Let my work continue! Let me continue working for you, Kenya!”This was a very humble and very accurate motto and slogan for his re-election campaign. It is really all about the work one will do anyway, always. True-work is never for vain-glory or self-serving agendas. It is only legitimate if it is serving people well, for their prosperity and improvement and development. It is never about any man or any personality. The same goes for Ministry. Anybody doing anything in Ministry must have the goal and dream of serving God and man well, or their sitting in any particular related-office is not legitimate. It is all about what God is doing through the person for the people. The vessel is just the vessel. So should it also be in the Government arena. The elected-official is there to serve the people of the nation well. They cannot be there to serve themselves, just for what he or she wants. Whenever you see any man or woman just wanting to have their own way for their own selfish reasons, or for their own egos or agendas or self-serving power, they are certainly not legitimate for that office. They are in the wrong place for that. Lust for power or prominence, or the same for their own people, and for this and that, is clearly and emphatically wrong and inappropriate. The ‘job’ is to be done as selflessly as is possible, for the better good for the society, period! Anyone with wrong or lustful motivations will be disqualified by God. Selah…
  10. I Had Two Visions That Appeared Inside Televised-Broadcasts. The First Vision:I saw in the television-news the group of Presidential Candidates in clips. And when they showed Uhuru Kenyatta there, I heard the Lord say aloud ‘President’ Kenyatta. I heard the Voice of the Lord call him the President. This was a few weeks ago. This was a prophetic-vision in reality, before the reality becomes a fact. My God! When God said that to me in the vision, in a public place nonetheless, the atmosphere got charged around about him inside that video television clip. The Voice of the Lord said ‘President Kenyatta’. So shall it be. And the same news-media organizations and others around the Worldwill call him by that Title. So it shall be done.  Read more Here-thomasmanton.com

Dr Thomas Manton’s prophecy about Uhuru becoming 4th President of Kenya:

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