Word of the Day:People who pray for us are important

THE PEOPLE WHO PRAY for us are important companions on life’s journey. Some pray for us out of familial love. Saint Augustine considered his mother’s prayers among the chief influences that led to his faith conversion. Parent, spouse, and child seek the best for one another; prayer affords opportunity to lift families up to God’s good purposes.

Others pray for us out of friendship or the sense of belonging nurtured in Christian community. Worship provides regular moments of lifting in prayer to God persons not only from the congregation but from the wider community. When we hear our names spoken in prayer by those voices we most love, trust, and respect, we cannot help but feel nourished, embraced, and empowered.
—John Indermark, Traveling the Prayer Paths of Jesus

Today’s Question

For whom do you regularly pray?

Today’s Scripture

Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus…”

Philippians 2:5, NRSV

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