Full speech: Deputy President William Ruto address at inauguration

Full speech: Deputy President William Ruto address at inauguration

Full speech: Deputy President William Ruto address at inauguration
Full speech: Deputy President William Ruto address at inauguration

I want to thank all the great people of Kenya for the mandate they have graciously bestowed on the Jubilee Coalition by electing my brother Uhuru Kenyatta to be President, and I Deputy President. I salute every citizen who peacefully and robustly exercised their right of political participation and contested an election, or voted. Regardless of who you elected, I recognise and salute your commitment to democracy and fair and transparent political competition.

You also voted for the biggest candidate and winner in this election: a peaceful and united Kenya. If you voted for us, or for our competitors you did well, lent your voice to the task of moving forward, and exemplified a fine patriotic undertaking to watch over your country’s leadership. No words can really express the love and gratitude I feel towards the great people of this beautiful country, but a heartfelt ASANTE SANA will do.

My wife; it has been quite a journey, and the Lord has been faithful. You have been a true pillar of strength, brilliant companion and constant inspiration. I know that you did not sign up for some of the responsibility that has fallen upon you along the way, but I am thankful that you have been courageous and faithful about it. With your support, I am stronger, and for this, I thank you with all my heart.

Our campaign teams, volunteers and supporters: you have been marvellous beyond words. You constitute the Digital Brigade that has won a gruelling campaign and the hearts of Kenyans. I know that we will enlist more believers, mobilisers and servants of the people to defeat poverty and underdevelopment, and transform Kenya. I am proud to be associated with each one of you. Accept our sincere gratitude. God bless you.

I also salute our worthy competitors in this exciting political contest: my brothers Hon Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Peter Kenneth, Mohamed Dida, Paul Muite and my dear sister Martha Karua as well as their running mates. This contest was tough, and you presented the rigour, commitment and vigilance required to ensure that the voice of Kenyans is heard, and that true democracy is entrenched in our national culture. I do not doubt your patriotism and commitment to offer leadership. That is why we reach out with open arms, so that we unite in brotherhood to work together wheresoever possible, to show the people of Kenya that the contest was not about losing; for each of us is worthy, and each of us can be victorious in meaningful ways. To use a popular expression, please let us keep in touch.

The Jubilee Coalition’s manifesto has received the people’s stamp of approval. We have committed ourselves to work tirelessly to unite Kenyans, accelerate economic growth, improve livelihoods, secure the country and provide excellent infrastructure. We have made specific pledges to the youth, the women, the old, the children and many sectors of our national life. It is our manifest intention to

execute that manifesto in full. We wish to keep our word. Therefore, as we stated before, we shall work hard. We shall rise early and work hard all day, every day, until every pledge is discharged, and every promise kept.

The process of transforming Kenya has began in earnest. Our Parliament, both the Senate and National Assembly, has the youngest legislators in Kenya’s history, many of who are sponsored by the Jubilee Coalition. Already, we have transformed how Kenyan perceive leaders and leadership. The relationship between the mwananchi and the politician has been elevated to a new level of synergy, consensus and servant leadership. This is the beginning of the march towards the Kenya we want for ourselves, and our children.

The work of building this nation will require conscientious management of national resources. Implicitly, therefore, the Jubilee government must fight corruption and entrench managerial best practices in the full recognition of the fact that by law and in fact, the mandate bestowed in this election is also a public trust. Success in redeeming our pledge will depend in managing the relationships that our country’s well-being depends on in a forward-looking, pragmatic, respectful way that prioritises national needs and the need to adjust traditional relationships accordingly. The Jubilee Coalition aspires to be truthful, faithful, diligent, vigilant and obedient servants of the people of Kenya. Our democracy has grown into a stable and consistent national culture. We must cherish and celebrate it always. The freedom to imagine, think and speak is the power that unlocks our imaginative, creative and innovative energies. This is the essence, not

just of our competitive advantage, but also of faith in our people’s strength to confront novel challenges without flinching, and with an eye on success. The Jubilee government will look ahead and listen to all the imaginative and creative voices which will chart the way forward for us.

With God our Creator protecting, guiding and inspiring us, with all our people and communities united in the quest for dignity, freedom, prosperity, I promise the people of Kenya today that no obstacle will be too great, no burden too onerous and no hurdle insurmountable. The Jubilee Coalition calls on each of us, irrespective of political affiliation, tribe, race or creed to dedicate ourselves wholly to improving our common good and collective destiny.

Kenya is one nation, and we are one people. God bless you.


Full speech: Deputy President William Ruto address at inauguration

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