OH MY GOD, DOG? (BESTIALITY) WAIT-THINK ABOUT IT!You must have heard of think before you act or respond. So have I, countless number of times. And as easy as it sounds, this is one of the hardest principles to follow. You hear something and want to give a comment even before you get to know what exactly is being talked about. Most of the time we talk of what we don’t know, just because we don’t take time to think about it.

I know just like me, the headline of the coast story struck you. The first thing that crossed my mind was dog? Then the story of Jesus and the adulterous woman came into my mind, He said “He that is without sin amongst you, let Him cast the first stone!” I lay mine down. I chose not to condemn, but still I could not close my eyes and pretend I read nothing, it had gotten to my mind already, and both you and I know the power of the mind. 

I decided to focus on the dog, and not the ladies that acted with it. As long as I have lived, I have not yet seen or heard of a dog that talks the language of men, they only understand. I have never heard of a dog that issues command apart from barking, but I know they receive and follow commands. How then will a normal human being, woman for that matter, have a sexual relationship with a dog? I have heard of men who do that to animals, but this sounds awkward. I failed to understand; either the dog is too intelligent to be one, or something is wrong, I told myself. I reread the headline “11 Kenyan women caught having sex with a dog after being hired by a Swedish National.” WAIT!

Oh, I got it this time round. THEY WERE HIRED. Something else is wrong. How will I be hired to have sex with a dog? This is where we all miss it. Before we condemn and judge these women for disgracing us, let us consider this:
They were hired. You get hired for a pay, and before you accept to work for a stipulated amount of money, either you are satisfied and okay with it, or you have no other option. Let us get real here, for a woman to give herself to a dog, for payment; hell must have broken loose for her! Call her a prostitute, whatever name, but I doubt it is fun. It came to my realization that some, if not most of them were students. I am not by any means saying they did something great, truth be said, It is an abomination. God forbid! But it is done, what next? Are we going to talk about this forever? Of course no, this is another passing wind. But we can take the lessons.

So, what motivated them? The answer is Pay! As a female and a student, I tried to relate with this. What would I do if I was this girl who was caught? I can’t tell, but only imagine me. What would I do if I was so desperately in need and had no one to help me out? It is easy to say “I’d rather die than do this!”It is so easy. Do you know why? Because we know completely nothing about the victims. We don’t know their lives. We don’t have an idea of what they are going through or what exactly drove them to this, and why of all options out there, they would fall for this one. Whether or not they did this out of sheer stupidity or lack does not change what they just did, but is there anything that can be done to avoid this in future? Trust you me, this is just an example of what is happening, there could much more that has not been brought yet to surface, but what are we to do?

I have heard severally that the girl child is an endangered species. I agree. If it is not taken care of, then we lose it. Time and again we condemn the ladies on the streets doing prostitution, I know for sure they don’t do it for fun, many have no option. Life without money is disastrous. You cannot understand this until you have ever lacked or have been around those who did. You are ready to do anything, any kind of work just to earn a living. There is no work, let alone the fact that you are a student. You come from a poor family and nobody else cares about your welfare. Worse is that the family could be looking up to you too. You have to attend class to aid your course completion. Because of stress you end up failing your exam, you sleep with the lecturer so he could favor you and write a good mark on your transcript or give a clue of the exam if not the real one. Do you understand? You now see an advert that a Swedish is looking for someone to act porn with a dog. You are so desperate. He will give three thousand shillings. You have never had such a “big” amount on your own. You don’t care, after all you will get your pay, that’s what you are going for, this will keep you for the whole semester, remember you could go without a penny! Then just before you get you pay, you are busted! And the whole nation is now condemning you! The times you wish the ground swallowed you alive!

Parents, guardians and relatives, I would like to speak for ladies like this. How do you expect a girl to stay without even basic needs? Yes you have cleared the fees, but what is she feeding on? Is it the books? Have you done your best for your daughter that if she was to be the one here she won’t have you to blame?
Ladies, know your value, Know your worth. Do not settle for less than who you are. Created in the image and likeness f God, do not abuse what has been given to you. Seek and though shall find, if you seek enough and let God lead you, He will always make a way, never quit. Do not sell your body, respect yourself. Your body is Holy, do not defile it.

And now as a scholarship student in the diaspora, I would like to speak to our ministry of Higher education, and the government at large. I doubt anyone would be happy if the same or something close was the headlines in the CNN or BBC world, about the Kenyan lady student’s in the diaspora. God forbid, this will never be.
I thank God my parents do their best to make sure I have all I need. How about the other ladies? How about the orphaned and the abandoned? What options do they have?

I will use myself as an example. Before coming to Ukraine, we met the then secretary gen at the ministry. She said” You don’t have to worry, the government will be sending you allowance” With this, every parent was confident in letting their child go. It is so sad, that we have never received any allowance, and it is not easy, being that foreign students are not allowed to work in this country makes it harder, and those found could pay a fine of up to 800 USD, that means you go to jail and serve. Where will you get that if you couldn’t get 1 dollar for bread? Consider this 2 students, who lost their parents while here already. Their only source of help, they have to study because someone at home is waiting, and the “government” literally is dumb. Most students would have studied at home, had they not been promised upkeep, especially scholarship students. This is what we ignore, then start condemning ladies who get an opportunity to study then waste it, we say they are so ungrateful, but before we condemn, let us wait for a minute, what really drove them? Some male students end up getting married to the whites so they could get something to put them through as they study, how much more will the ladies do?
Take a look at this; If in a native country, one will sleep with a dog to make her living, you can imagine the options for a lady students, helpless in the diaspora!

Before we point a finger, let us make sure we have done our best and our hands are clean. When we approach this from that angle, we will realize that there is always a missing point, and who knows, if we take this matter into consideration, we could help fight and end prostitution and all this sexual immorality. To the nation remember not to throw a stone, and to all the ladies out there have dignity regardless. To the victims, this is not the end, but in fact the right place for you. There is someone who lives in you that is greater than any in the world; and if He sets you free, you are free indeed. The choice is yours to make. You can choose to learn the lesson, shake off the dust, let go and let God, or regret all the days. Never be the same again, with God all things are possible, never compromise.

Elizabeth Ekakoro



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