Waiting for a Husband,The Godly Way


Do you know that God has a plan for a successful marriage that you can follow long before you get married?

Martha Macharia’s book provides solid guidance for women seeking a positive direction. Waiting for a Husband brings readers to a greater understanding of what is important in life: your relationship with God. True joy cannot be found in a marriage without first establishing a quality connection with God. Interspersed with true stories from women who’ve overcome difficult struggles, this book offers crucial steps to a healthy life, from believing in God to giving up idols. Discover the men and women of the Bible who learned to live out their faith.

Waiting for a Husband provides guidance on
– What it means to have a relationship with God
– How to wait for a husband as you fulfill the desires of God in your life
– How to stay pure and why it is important
– Forgiveness and new beginnings after fornication
– The truth behind ungodly soul ties
– How you can fulfill your calling even if seems you will never get married
– Setting boundaries

God has shown us a way to wait upon him for a future spouse. When we grow in understanding of who God is, then he can fulfill the desires of our hearts. Our relationship with God is the key to a happy and fulfilling marriage because he will direct us toward the person he has created just for us. Drawing on her own experiences waiting for Mr. Right, Martha Macharia shares with a depth of understanding and hope. Allow God to bring you the person he has in store for you as you grow in the knowledge of God while Waiting for a Husband.


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