Word of the Day:When will you ever act?


What we say should always be accompanied by actions. When you want to achieve something, tell that to your inner self, tell it to the relevant people if need be and then start taking steps towards achieving the set goal. You need to first ensure that the goal is reasonable and achievable based on time and other resources at hand.

It is not always that people achieve what they set out to do, but it is those people that take the effort to work towards it that finally get somewhere. Let’s face it; you are where you are because you did what you did, when you did it! When you really want to accomplish something, an idea is not enough. You can have the greatest ideas in the world but they serve no purpose when they are locked somewhere deep in your head. The good book tells us to believe and have faith, but all this needs to be acted upon for you can also be the greatest believer, but you still need to take the actual steps in order to win the race.

If you are planning to do something, set yourself a time frame. Don’t be like those people whose work is to plan but they never go beyond that actual point. I mean, you can plan all you want, you can even plan from on top of a mountain, but the question here my friend is: when will you ever act? It’s a high time you broke off from that routine and start doing what needs to be done to bring your dreams to reality.

James 2:18:But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works

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