Christina Shusho says Kenya’s Gospel Industry is all entertainment


Christina Shusho says Kenya’s Gospel Industry is all entertainment

Tanzanian Gospel songstress Christina Shusho has expressed her concern about the state of the Kenyan Gospel industy. Shusho who was last weekend crowned the Artist of the Year, Tanzania at the just concluded Groove Awards ceremony has termed the Gospel scene as ‘Gospel entertainment’.

Speaking during her interview on “Tukuza”, KTN’s leading Gospel show, Shusho let known her disappointment and even revealed her ideal Gospel Ministry.

One of the points she made out clear is that : “The Kenya Gospel Music is getting worse rather than good as Kenya gospel artistes are not singing bad songs only that its more of entertainment gospel.

The sad point is that gospel music has now gone main stream and that’s where we ask are doing the right thing such that the world also now loves us?

To quote her in Swahili she said: “Kenyans artistes are making gospel music worse rather than good as a variety of Kenyan gospel artistes are bringing more of the world entertainment music in the current gospel rather than worship.”

Further she said : ” A multiple of Kenyan Gospel artistes do not focus on saving the soul of the listener when recording the song in the studio, rather most focus on entertaining the audience on stage performance.”

Christina was bold to say her version of the gospel by saying that gospel musicians in Kenya need to look up to the Kenyan gospel icons including : Mary Atieno , Sarah K ,Emmy Kosgei, Daddy Owen and many others as their mentors.

Her friend Geraldine Odour also echoed her words in adding that : “The current dance moves are just not right. As you cannot possibly differentiate between gospel dance and secular dance in a video  if you mute the volume of the video playing.” (Read HERE how Oduor wondered whether it was right to play Gospel music in bars).

This comes just days after Arthur Kamau, a veteran industry stakeholder conveyed his dissasatisfaction with Groove Awards ceremony taking a similar stance as Shusho.

“All I will say since I came up wit the idea and actualized it thanks to nation media group am happy tat finally the government and in tis case the president has recognized the importance of the music industry and tat goes for both secular and gospel on other matters .. The show is full of hype and less God tats the only sad thing .. my opinion and am entitled to it ..” posted Arthur K on his Facebook

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