Church leaders want foreigners in sex scam deported


Kilifi-Kenya: The National Council of Churches of Kenya [NCCK] has challenged the government to crack down and immediately deport foreign investors who have been enriching themselves by using Kenyans girls to engage into prostitution activities.

Officials of NCCK coast region noted with concerns that investors from foreign countries have capitalized on the poverty facing Kenyan people to use their young girls into commercial sex even with dogs.

In their press statement read on their behalf by NCCK chairman coast region bishop Lawrence Dena at Jumia Conference and Beach Resort at Kanamai in Kilifi county Thursday they expressed convenes on the emerging culture of sexual perversion in the area and called for the government intervention to address the problem.

“The reported cases of beastly, prostitution and sexual exploitation of children are of great concerns to us as a church and we condemn the act” said Bishop Dena.

He said the act was an indicator of deteriorating social values alongside distorted senses of self-worth and urged the government to step in and arrest the perpetrators of the immoral activities.

Bishop Dena demanded that the raids be extended to the private villas which are used as brothels and flash out the investors involved in the illicit business

The officials expressed shock that Kenya has been turned to a destination of sex tourism and yet the government was sited watching.

“We are calling upon the government to launch some raids to the villas which masquerade as private villas but they are actually operating as brothels and deal with the people involved in the trade,” said Bishop Dena.

At the same time the clergymen took issue with the frequent terror attacks on churches saying the move was an act of terrorists targeting the Christians.

Bishop Dena said the attacks which had left many Kenyans dead, and others made disabled had caused fear among the church followers.

He said other followers have even opted not to attend church gatherings for fearing of losing their lives through the bomb attacks.

They noted as much as the attacks were being associated by terrorists, to them they felt it was a deliberate move to frustrate the operations and worship of the Christians.

“As these attacks have been attributed to terrorists, we as the christens churches we are conscious that they have a level of religious connotation because most of those targeted for the bombing are the Christian churches,” said bishop Dena

Bishop Dena urged the intelligence machinery of this country to wake up to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

The officials urged the government to take relevant actions an stop urging the Christians to end their prayer meetings by

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