Devastating Underrepresentation Of Narrative In Diaspora


As a Kenyan who immigrated to the U.S. in 1998, I came to realize there was a devastating underrepresentation of our narrative in Diaspora. We who were aroused from the slumber of ignorance and childhood by moral stories told by our elders found ourselves stranded in a silent world–or at least in a world in which our experience was fully omitted. Through immense struggles and determination I was able to pursue my education through medical school and residency training, but I promised to leave a trail where the rising generation may be guided. To this end I’ve published a biographical novel entitled “Shepherds of the Sun” by Joe Ngatia, MD. Both the Kindle and the Nook versions are published already (paperback takes longer). While the book has been received enthusiastically by an American audience, my primary interest is in attracting wide African readership. You can obtain the book from kindle bookstore or Nook bookstore online

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