Kenya bans film on ‘devil-worship in Kenyan churches’ from circulating

KENYA Film Classification Board (KFCB) has banned the sale, distribution and exhibition of a film claimed to have associated several churches in Kenya with devil worship. The board said the film Makanisa Yanayo Abudiwa Ibilisi has referred to ten churches to as anti-Christ churches. KFCB regional head Bonaventure Kioko said the film is illegal because it has not been approved by the board. He said the film is being distributed by unlicensed distributors and has cautioned vendors against exhibiting and selling it. Kioko said the film has mentioned churches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and others around the world as being part of the Freemasons.

In a press statement released yesterday, Kioko said the film has mentioned the Catholic church, Lutheran, Salvation Army, Orthodox, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Jehova Witness, Legio Maria, Redeemed Gospel and Kisima cha Rehema as anti-Christ churches. He added letters of Paul in the Bible are also mentioned with the author being referred to as the anti-Christ. “I am ordering those exhibiting and distributing this film to stop immediately until it is censored,” he said.

The board has also banned sale and exhibition of several other movies. The movies include Monamour, Fallo, Black Angel, Trasgredire, Monella, Tinto Brass, Caligula, Return of the Blue Lagoon, Forbidden Lust, Ama Sex Addict, Black and White, Kamasutra, Romeo and Juliet, Sweet Chocolate, Casting Call, Dream Girl, Poison Ivy, Emmanuella, Deadly Past, Sexual Intelligence, Original Sin, Baby Sisters, Pirates, Tell me no Lies, Carnal Crimes, Red Shoes Diaries and Show Girls. He asked selling films follow the right procedures as provided by the law.

“Most of the so-called Bongo and Naija movies are illegal and should not be in public,” he said.

He said it is unlawful for a person to exhibit any film at an exhibition to which the public are admitted or distribute such films unless they are registered by the board and issued with a certificate of the same.-The People

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