Word of the Day:It is achievable.

It is said that the famous Italian scientist Galileo got into trouble with Roman administration for holding a contrary belief that earth was spherical and not flat, to the extent of spending most of his life under house arrest. Many centuries later it was indeed proven that the planet was spherical in shape.

Many people trash other people’s dream in the name that they are small, too cheap, already done, unheard of or too complex to be achieved. This notion unfortunately kills dreams that could have changed humanity for the better. It is therefore in best interest to know, who to share your dreams with.

It takes a lot of time and money for top structural engineers, civil engineers, architect and a big team of machine and manual workers to create a water body like an artificial lake. Well, it took God just a mention and He created landmasses (continents) and water bodies (oceans). It may take centuries to achieve your dreams if you involve humans but when you involve God anything under the sun is achievable.

Philippians 4:13:I can do all things through him who strengthens me..



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